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Finger Attendance: The New Industry Standard

Do you work in an industry in which accurate employee or student attendance is necessary? Have you been disappointed with attendance systems so far, including keeping paper records or using radio frequency identification systems? Have you been the victim of timecard or attendance fraud? If you have experienced any of these potential problems that administrators run into in the business and school world, then it may be time to try a new type of attendance technology.

MinuteHound’s finger attendance system provides one of the most accurate forms of attendance reporting on the market today. We use the latest data encryption technologies to create a finger attendance system that provides accurate, secure data. Read on to learn more about how the MinuteHound system works.

How Does A Finger Attendance System Work?

When you try our finger attendance system, you will notice a difference right away. Employees swipe in for work by placing their finger or thumb on the fingerprint pad. Each employee has a unique fingerprint that cannot be replicated. So immediately, you will be able to verify that the specific employee is, indeed, reporting to work. The problem with card systems is that they can easily lend themselves to fraud. Employees can switch cards. If you use a paper timecard reporting system, then it is easy to write down working more hours that one actually has. However, with the MinuteHound finger attendance system, you cannot trick the system. We use 128-bit encryption, so that data is accurate and protected. In addition, you can monitor employees as they report to work from your computer. If someone leaves early or checks in late, you’ll know that too. We send you text messages alerting you to all changes in employee attendance.

Biometric ReaderOur biometric finger attendance system will instantly increase the efficiency and productivity of your business. It will protect your business from fraudulent time cards and help you identify the employees who are working hard, are on time and who are reporting to work every day. Best of all for business owners who cannot be on site every day, you can monitor your employee attendance from your computer. No worrying about having to be present. Our finger attendance system is Cloud-based, so you will have the most accurate data in real-time, no matter where you are in the world. As long as you have access to a good Internet connection, you can always check in on your employees.

Try our finger attendance system and see what a different it can make in the productivity of your business. Save money and make the right decisions about which employees to retain in years to come. The MinuteHound fingerprint system will help you identify what is best for your business!

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