Why Fingerprint Attendance is The Best Choice For All Size Companies

Fingerprint Attendance- Cost Effective and Accurate

Many companies have tried for success and failed in their time-keeping attempts. Old-fashioned systems have cost them money, and employees have, unfortunately, found ways to work around the system. Also, older methods are not nearly as efficient, and managers must spend valuable minutes and hours calculating the money owed. Fortunately, MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance system is an incredible answer to the problem.

Quick and Easy
This fingerprint attendance method is better because it takes employees only a couple of seconds to swipe in and out. When a company employs a lot of individuals, no one has time to wait in line each morning. If employees are spending all of this time signing in and out, then the business is losing out on money. As a result, MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance saves money in two ways.

The other way it helps companies to save money is by protecting against time-theft. In today’s work world, you will find many individuals who sign in for a friend at work. Since fingerprint attendance requires the unique markings of the specific person clocking-in, this problem is completely eliminated. Companies will start to see more money available in their budgets at the end of the month.

Fingerprint Attendance Safety: MinuteHound’s Priority

You might be worried that this method could not possibly be safe. After all, fingerprints are swiped to get in and out of the business. Fortunately, MinuteHound’s system employs 128-bit encryption. Through using this method, the information is safely transferred through the system, and no one has to worry about their identities or other personal information being stolen.

A System That Works for You
Fingerprint Attendance SystemThis fingerprint attendance system also works with you to craft an optimal experience. When you go into the system, you’ll be able to view neat payroll files for all of your employees. Instead of wasting even more time with hard calculations, you’ll find that MinuteHound’s tools help you to cut your time in half. Also, this fingerprint attendance system lets you know, via text message or e-mail, if someone leaves early from a shift or if a worker does not show up at all. This comprehensive system practically acts as an assistant.

Using Fingerprint Attendance is Stress and Error Free

If you’ve never used a fingerprint attendance system before, you might be worried that it won’t work. Fortunately, MinuteHound is plug-and-play, and you don’t even need a dedicated computer. If you are having problems with your fingerprint attendance software, you can just call at any time for assistance.

MinuteHound’s system makes life so much easier for companies. They can stop worrying about the time cards and other tired methods. Now,they can start focusing their attention on more important matters at work.

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