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Biometrics and Beyond

What would you do with 10 extra minutes a day? Would you sit back and relax with a cup of coffee, or would you respond those emails that have been piling up in your inbox all week? Now imagine how much more productive your business would be if your employees had those extra 10 minutes a day? What could they accomplish?

With a MinuteHound fingerprint based attendance system, time saved is money earned. It’s estimated that employees will stop working 5 to 10 minutes before the end of their shift simply to punch out on time. If not, they run into overtime. Ten minutes might not sound like a lot, but to a business owner, it really can add up. If you’re paying for those extra 10 minutes simply for your employees to punch out at the end of the day, it’s like paying them for relaxing. A fingerprint based attendance system actually gives employees those 10 minutes back!

Cutting Costs
A fingerprint based attendance helps savvy business owners cut costs while increasing productivity within the workplace. Punching in and out of work take a few seconds, not 5 minutes. Unfortunately, for companies still utilizing traditional methods of time tracking such as paper time cards, time sheets, badges and a stationary time clock, efficiency and productivity is reduced. A MinuteHound fingerprint based attendance system allows employees to clock in and out from any computer within the workplace. With a simple of their finger, their identity is captured at the precise time of arrival or departure.

How Does a Fingerprint Based Attendance System Work?

A fingerprint based attendance system has two distinct jobs – accurately scanning and recording/transferring time. Only very specific characteristics, which are unique to a person’s fingerprint are utilized to verify information. All images are then converted into numeric codes and are then safely stored in a 128-bit encrypted cloud. This not only reduces the possibility of identity to nil, but it also eliminates the possibility of time theft and payroll fraud.

What Exactly is Time Theft?
Time and Attendance Systems 128-Bit EncryptionIn a nutshell, time theft happens when employees clock in late or leave work early without punching the clock. Oftentimes, they might ask a co-worker to do the dirty work for them. And although it may not seem like a big deal, employers are paying for services not rendered. Businesses lose thousands of dollars each year due to inaccurate attendance records and time theft. A MinuteHound fingerprint based attendance system allows employers to see when their employees clock in and out. By eliminating buddy punching, business owners have the most accurate time records possible.

How easy is it to steal personal information? If you happen to work in an office where there’s still a paper trail of attendance records, it’s pretty high. Since all of an employee’s personal information is on display, everyone is at risk. A fingerprint based attendance system not only eliminates the mounting stack of paperwork, but it erases the risk of identity theft. In addition, it cuts the tedious job of payroll in half. Humans make mistakes, and as such, that means a higher rate of error on attendance sheets. MinuteHound’s fingerprint based attendance system is foolproof and squashes any possibility of human error. In the ever-changing digital world, MinuteHound’s fingerprint based attendance system never misses a beat! So, what are you waiting for?

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