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Payroll concerns are a hassle to everyone. Today there are easy solutions to reduce the impact of these concerns while saving time and money. MinuteHound is able to pass on savings directly to you by making use of efficient and reliable technology. Take a look at the two options available today to start saving money now.

MinuteHound can solve issues in attendance and time card accuracy with a fingerprint biometric time clock. Though the best option is the fingerprint biometric time clock, a low-cost option without a scanner is also available. The fingerprint biometric time clock option ensures that employees must be present using a USB scanner. The cloud based option records times and IP addresses so that you know when and from where the employee has logged in. Both options can help a company save big.

Fingerprint Biometric Time Clock for Accurate Time Recording

By using the fingerprint biometric time clock you will be able to save between 2-8% from your payroll. This option offers great tracking and security by eliminating “buddy punching” and other wasteful practices. Time and attendance are collected constantly by the software. Reports are generated and provided via any device with an internet browser (this includes mobile devices). As an employer, you will be able to log in and view real-time tracking of your people from anywhere in the world.

The scanner is plug and play and uses a USB port. All data is saved and backed up remotely, reducing the amount of paper you would need for payroll. Data collected is encrypted for the best available security. It is fast and easy, with no usernames or passwords to remember in order to clock in. The fingerprint biometric time clock is also risk free with no obligation.

Fingerprint Biometric Time Clock Is Low Expense High Reward!

For a low-cost option there is always the no scanner choice. Each employee will log in using a unique username and password. A combination of timestamp and IP address confirms that the employee is at work and clocked in. The reporting methods and data storage are the same as the fingerprint biometric time clock option. Though less foolproof than the fingerprint biometric time clock, this option is both consistent and money saving.

MinuteHound is paperless to help reduce waste and cost. Typical costs of this system are just pennies a day. Full support is available all day or night. The software is simple and easy to use: no training is needed and there is no lengthy installation process necessary. Automatic reporting keeps you informed up to the minute anytime and anywhere. MinuteHound can offer you the support you need to become more a better business with both choices. Consider a fingerprint biometric time clock or cloud-based clock in system to meet your need for payroll solutions.

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