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Your Business Needs MinuteHound Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System

Any business that wants the best and never-out-of-date time and attendance software will be looking for a biometric fingerprint attendance system. A fingerprint-based system gets rid of bulky old time clocks and messy time sheets. It replaces them with modern convenience and high-level security. And in this important new market, there’s a clear leader: MinuteHound.

The MinuteHound biometric fingerprint attendance system eliminates time card fraud, waste and abuse. There is no way to “game the system” with fingerprint verification. Buddy punching is a thing of the past with MinuteHound. You can rest assured that your time and attendance records are completely accurate when using this advanced software. A biometric fingerprint attendance system is the way of the future. No one does it better than MinuteHound!

The biometric fingerprint attendance system is also easy and fast for employees. Your employees just tap their finger on the MinuteHound scanner and they’re ready to go to work. With MinuteHound, fussing with old time clocks or rifling through time sheets is a thing of the past. There are no passwords or PIN codes to remember. A biometric fingerprint attendance system saves time and makes things easy.

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System Reduces Payroll Expenses and Time

MinuteHound’s time tracking is completely cloud based. This means you can log in from any internet connection anywhere in the world and receive live time and attendance information. The MinuteHound biometric fingerprint attendance system can send you instant email or text message alerts if a staff member is late or leaves early. Nothing is in question or left up to chance with MinuteHound. And the time and attendance records produced by the system are clear, reliable and easy to use. With MinuteHound, payroll takes minutes to complete!

The MinuteHound biometric fingerprint attendance system is completely secure. MinuteHound doesn’t keep fingerprints on file, so your personal data is safe. It transfers data with 128-bit encryption and stops hackers in their tracks. It’s the biometric fingerprint attendance system you can trust.

Not only is MinuteHound secure and time-saving, it also helps your business to go green and save money. The system is 100% paperless and gets rid of wasteful filing and printed time sheets. With a biometric fingerprint attendance system, there is no need for time cards or other inventory. All of this means that MinuteHound costs its users only pennies each day.

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System for Low Costs and Professional Reports

This incredibly modern system is also incredibly easy to use. The biometric fingerprint attendance system of MinuteHound is plug and play. Just a quick install and you’re ready to go! There’s no need for specialized training. Anyone can use MinuteHound! If your business is looking for the best in time and attendance software, or if you are looking to save money and eliminate waste, MinuteHound is the all-in-one solution for you!

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MinuteHound Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System.

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