Advantages Of Biometrics- Stop Identity Theft, Payroll Fraud

The Advantages of Biometrics Are Evident

Protecting information is vital. The advantages of biometrics are shown in both personal and business use. Employers have an obligation to their staff to safeguard information and keep private information private. Employees trust that their personal data will not be at risk. The distinct advantages of biometrics offered by MinuteHound help save companies time and money, while offering mobility and security. MinuteHound is a time and attendance solution that works for any size business. Regardless of your product or service, if you have employees MinuteHound will work for you. Outdated methods like time cards, sheets, pins and passwords cost more, and provide zero benefit to the employer. By using the advantages of biometrics in your favor, your able to spend more time focusing on your business compared to payroll and staff issues.

Advantages of biometrics have profound benefits. Cheating of any kind is not even possible. After you setup an account, a fingerprint scanner is mailed to you. The scanner plugs into any computer you already have. Installation and setup takes under ten minutes. Here is how the advantages of biometrics works for you; the scanner allows your employees to clock in and out of work with their fingerprint. Perfect attendance and accuracy are guaranteed. By having your staff verify who they are is crucial in the fight against fraud and payroll abuse. With MinuteHound, you know you are only paying for the exact time worked. Friends cannot cover for one another at work. Tardiness and leaving early are habits your staff will have to break. The advantages of biometrics spark productivity and a positive change in your office.

How The Advantages of Biometrics Work In Your Favor

Not only do the advantages of biometrics protect against loss of information, but it also provides foolproof reports. Employee lawsuits are present in every industry on every level. MinuteHound will provide to you detailed time and attendance reports for each employee. The great advantages of biometrics lets you know right away the entire work history. If there is ever a dispute, simply look at the error free reports. In addition, MinuteHound captures data live. Your able to view and edit information from anywhere. You no longer have to be at the office, for your information is available to you at anytime.

Advantages of Biometrics: 128-Bit Data Encryption Keeps Information SafeAll data is secure. The advantages of biometrics don’t stop at the user level. In the background, all images are broken down into numbers. This way you and your staff know information is never at risk. There is no data that gets saved at your location, so any type of fire, water or physical theft is not a concern. Data loss will never happen either. The system is foolproof. The best part, MinuteHound costs $1.00 per employee.

The Additional Advantages of Biometrics

If saving time and money are not good enough, how about paper? True advantages of biometrics include saving money on supplies. There is no equipment to buy. No supplies or inventory to manage. Also a unique benefit of MinuteHound is how simple it is to get started. There is no fine print or hidden details. There are also no long term commitments. You pay for the system with no obligations. Cancel at anytime for whatever reason. Once you realize the advantages of biometrics, you will wish you started to use MinuteHound much earlier! Keep your information safe and secure by making the switch to MinuteHound. You can’t realize these advantages of biometrics until you try it!

MinuteHound also offers a unique alert system. If any employee shows up late or leaves early, your instantly notified. A text and email will be sent out to let the manager know in real time about the situation. Never again be caught off guard. Overtime will never creep up on you. No more wasted time. No more wasted money. Stress and error free payroll at it’s finest. Make the switch today. You will be so glad you did!

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