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Calculating a Fingerprint Reader Price – What is a Fingerprint Reader?

A fingerprint reader is a type of device that tracks when people clock in and out for a job using their fingerprint, rather than a personal identification number or a punch card. There are numerous advantages to using such a tracker with a reasonable fingerprint reader price. It makes it much more difficult for employees to steal time for the company because it makes buddy punching impossible. It also reduces incorrect time as a result of human error. Both of these benefits are able to save the company a great deal of money.

What is the Fingerprint Reader Price and How is it Calculated?
The fingerprint reader price is extraordinarily reasonable, considering how much money it saves a company that employs its methods. The base price for a company to purchase the fingerprint tracker system itself is that of $99.95 each. Although one overall account can be used an entire company, each branch or physical location for that company requires a fingerprint scanner. For each branch, there is an additional charge of $5 per month.

Beyond those two prices, the fingerprint reader price per employee is approximately $1. The fingerprint reader price goes down when there is a much larger number of employees, such as when the fingerprint tracker is used for a company that has over one thousand employees spread across forty branches. Essentially, the overall fingerprint reader price is calculated by the number of branches that a company has, each of which incurring a charge of $99.95 for the fingerprint scanner, as well as $5 for service to each branch. That price is then added to the costs incurred by each employee, which tends to be right around $1.

Is Technical Support Extra?
Biometric Time Clock SoftwareThe fingerprint reader price already takes into account the price of technical support and any help that is needed for a customer to fully employ the fingerprint reader scanner. This is helpful because it will allow any company that uses the fingerprint reader to avoid the frustration that often comes with technical problems. By not charging extra for technical support in the fingerprint reader price, it allows the system to be more accessible to a greater number of companies.

Are There Long Term Plans?
The fingerprint reader price is not in the form of a long term plan. This allows companies to try using a fingerprint reader and, if it doesn’t work, not be further penalized by having to pay to break out of the plan. This gives the companies the confidence to try the plan and see how much it will benefit the company. Because the fingerprint reader price is so low, a company has a lot to gain in savings.

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