Fingerprint Scanner Price- $99.95 Includes Shipping and Taxes!

Fingerprint Scanner Price Includes All Fees

When searching online for fingerprint scanner price, chances are there are a multitude of options and models to choose from. Each fingerprint scanner price will be different, as each machine operates differently. MinuteHound is the current leader in biometric time and attendance, for the simple reason being cost, efficiency, and proven results. Not only does MinuteHound provide the scanner, but the software and tools to succeed as well. The fingerprint scanner price is only $99.95, but that is only the beginning of how MinuteHound boosts savings and reduces costs for businesses large and small all across America.

To begin with, the fingerprint scanner price of $99.95 is the final cost, but also keep in mind the warranty. MinuteHound backs each scanner for life. This means if anything goes wrong with the scanner at any point, just return the scanner for a replacement or the money back. MinuteHound is a subscription, and companies pay $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. This monthly fee includes the software, updates, 24/7 online access, web based reporting, text/email alerts, and so much more. As you search for fingerprint scanner price, also keep in mind what’s NOT included compared to all that is with MinuteHound.

Fingerprint Scanner Price and Features

MinuteHound’s biometric scanner is the size of a computer mouse. It plugs into any computer and from start to finish, the installation is quick and takes a few minutes to complete. Also included with the fingerprint scanner price and monthly subscription is support. If at anytime assistance is needed, just pick up a phone and call a MinuteHound technical specialist. With any other fingerprint scanner price on just about any other product, it probably comes with a limited warranty or generic toll free number. MinuteHound is always on call to answer questions and ensure client’s success!

Biometric TimeclockIncluded with the fingerprint scanner price is a 6 foot extension cord. More cords can be purchased to extend the scanner out up to 54 feet! This is ideal for locations that have a single computer but want the scanner in a front office, entrance door, break room, etc. The fingerprint scanner price is low, and so is the monthly subscription. That is the point of great technology! Why pay more for something that won’t save money or serve a dual purpose? MinuteHound has over 150,000 daily users for a reason!

Fingerprint Scanner Price: Go Green and Save Even More!

MinuteHound’s fingerprint scanner price is the best on the market. The scanner has the highest read rate and is super durable and user-friendly. No training require or learning curves to master. In addition, when going digital with a biometric scanner, no more paper is required. So not only does an office save by using a fingerprint machine to eliminate buddy punching, time theft and payroll fraud, but extra savings kick in from green technology! The fingerprint scanner price is too good to pass up. Try it out today risk free!

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Fingerprint Scanner Price.

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