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Go Digital! The Employee Time Clock Workplace

The employee time clock from MinuteHound turns every workplace digital and paperless. Not only do paper time sheets and cards create waste, but it also affects an organizations bottom-line. Why spend on paper products, then pay to store the records, then pay for mistakes? That business cycle doesn’t make too much sense, and is the exact reason why MinuteHound’s employee time clock is common sense! Not only is the system paperless, but also completely accurate. The employee time clock works with a technology called biometrics, which means all staff record their time by scanning their fingerprints. Gone are the days of pens, pins, and passwords.

The employee time clock is simple and easy to operate. After an account is created with MinuteHound, the employee time clock is shipped out. It’s a physical device that plugs into any computer, and the size of a computer mouse. It takes up little space and installed within a few minutes. Employees register their finger or thumb, and off to work they go. This way, buddy punching is over. Cheating is stopped. The only ways staff can get paid to work is by physically being there to scan their finger. The employee time clock ensures honesty in reporting, and friends no longer have the option of covering for each other.

Additional Features of The Employee Time Clock

The employee time clock is digital and internet based. This means all times are recorded live and available for viewing instantly. Managers can view/edit records from any location with an internet location. If a business owner or manager is away for the day or on a trip, they can log-in from their smartphone and check the real-time status of their office. The employee time clock ensures staff are doing the right thing even if a “boss” is not standing around.

Employee Time ClockMinuteHound also has a unique feature that will send out a text message and/or e-mail alerting staff and management of any changes in the system. So for example, if an employee is supposed to work 9-5, but never shows up or arrives late, an alert is sent out. If that employee clocks out at 4 instead of 5, an alert is sent out. Remember the employee time clock is live, and will send out an alert 24/7. This not only prevents staffing issues, but also cures common human error in case somebody forgets to clock-in.

Employee Time Clock Works For Everyone

Whether a business has 10 or 1,000 employees or more doesn’t matter. The employee time clock works the same. Every single worker needs a valid way to get paid for their time worked. MinuteHound is that solution, and the employee time clock is a guaranteed way to reduce costs and boost savings. The physical employee time clock prevents cheating, while MinuteHound’s online reporting tools increase efficiency. Payroll will become accurate and stress free. Try the system out today risk free!

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