Internet Time Tracking- Accurate and Foolproof Employee Attendance

Internet Time Tracking- Accurate Employee Attendance

In order to keep an employee honest, a system needs to be in place where they have no other option! Welcome to internet time tracking, where even if a supervisor is not present, employees don’t have the option to cheat. The reason why is because with normal time and attendance systems, friends can cover for each other. Pins, passwords, and cards can be shared. Signing in and fudging numbers are problems in every work environment. Working extra or padding hours can bankrupt a business. Internet time tracking puts an end to all these bad practices.

Internet time tracking works off a technology called biometrics, which means fingerprints are used to verify identity. When employees arrive to work, takes breaks, and leave for the day, all they have to do is press their finger or thumb to the scanner and attendance is verified, then time is recorded. It is 100% safe to use, and privacy is not an issue. Internet time tracking uses 128-bit encryption for all data transfers. MinuteHound patented technology breaks down all fingerprints into numbers, therefore never saving or recording an actual fingerprint. Internet time tracking is both safe and non-intrusive.

Internet Time Tracking- Features and Uses

The way Internet time tracking works is easy: first place an order. Once an account is created, the fingerprint scanner, which is the physical time clock, will be shipped out. Once received simply plug it in for easy installation. From that point on, internet time tracking is in place and accuracy is guaranteed. All forms of cheating are officially over. Managers will be able to log-in from anywhere and check on their staff. If anyone shows up late or leaves early, an email or text message is sent out to alert those designated.

SaaS- Internet Time TrackingInternet time tracking turns all reports into digital documents. If employees want to know their work history, all they have to do is log-in to view it. MinuteHound has 5 different levels of permissions in the system, and employees have the basic permission. They can view and view only, while administrators have full access. No more paper supplies needed, as internet time tracking allows for downloading reports, editing them, and sending them off to the accountant or payroll program.

All Fees and Costs Associated with Internet Time Tracking

MinuteHound is a monthly subscription, which includes all features plus technical support and lifetime updates. At $1.00 per month and $5.00 per location, it fits every budget. This is how businesses save money and reduce expenses. Time and attendance is a vital part of every organization, and with internet time tracking leading the way, savings get boosted from day one. Try it today risk free!

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