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MinuteHound Eliminates Payroll Fraud and Saves Your Business Money

MinuteHound is a biometric solution that solves payroll problems. It also makes keeping track of employee attendance simpler. Over 1,000 companies across the world already use MinuteHound fingerprint scanner software. U.S. businesses lose about $140 billion per year due to inefficient, incorrect, or fraudulent timekeeping. This is the same as 5 percent of all payroll expenses. Time card issues can also strain relations between employers and employees. It can even lead to potential lawsuits!

MinuteHound eliminates all these problems using fingerprint scanner software. It encodes fingerprints and records data on the cloud. Data is placed onto different servers across the globe. That means data is reliable, accurate, and secure. This way, employees and employers will be sure that timekeeping and payroll are both accurate.

Setting up MinuteHound is fast and easy. First, the fingerprint scanner software is installed on a computer, and the scanner is hooked up to it. It can then be used as a station to clock in and clock out. Any computer may be used for this purpose. After employees register themselves with the software, they simply place a finger on the scanner once. This clocks them in at the beginning of their shifts. At the end of their shifts, employees can clock out the same way. In case an employee forgets to clock in or out, administrators can make reports manually. Both small and large businesses can use the fingerprint scanner software. There is no limit to how many people MinuteHound supports. The MinuteHound fingerprint scanner software can also be used with up to three USB extension cords. As a result, you can put the scanner almost anywhere you’d like. MinuteHound doesn’t store fingerprints with its fingerprint scanner software. So, employees can keep their privacy.

Fingerprint Scanner Software – Cloud Based

MinuteHound uses its fingerprint scanner software to record employee time data on the cloud. That keeps it secure and unmodifiable. This way, there are no trust problems between employers and employees. MinuteHound also automatically calculates payroll costs. It even makes Excel spreadsheets for payroll information. This saves businesses time and money. You don’t need to organize and transcribe the payroll with MinuteHound. It can calculate all this data itself. That way, you can free up resources for more useful business operations. Data can be shown in ASCII, Excel, or PDF formats. Managers can manually input holiday and sick leave data. Employees can also check their data themselves to make sure there aren’t any problems.

Employee Scheduling Software w/ AlertsAlerts can also be used to monitor employee attendance. The MinuteHound fingerprint scanner software can detect that an employee clocked in late or clocked out early. If this happens, the manager is notified so that the matter can be dealt with. If you’re ready to take the headaches out of payroll accounting, switch to MinuteHound. Its fingerprint scanner software will save you time and money!

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