Badge Time Clock System: Pros and Cons of Biometrics and Cards

MinuteHound vs. the Badge Time Clock System

Employers use various methods to track their employees’ time and attendance. One common form of time tracking is the badge time clock. The badge time clock is a card or badge with a bar code embedded into it. The employee clocks in and out by swiping this card into a time clock machine. The machine reads the code and clocks the employee’s time. The badge time clock can be beneficial in many ways, but it has many disadvantages that using the MinuteHound time clock system can correct.

Disadvantages of the Badge Time Clock
One of the most common disadvantages of the badge time clock system is loss and theft. Large majorities of employees misplace their badges or fall victim to people stealing them. The loss of the badge usually results in extra expenses for the employee and the business. Another problem that occurs with the badge time clock system is buddy punching. Some dishonest employees may allow their co-worker friends to use their badges to clock in and out. Time stealing is a serious problem within many corporations. Such occurrences cause companies thousands of dollars in payroll that they could be using for innovations and expansion. The MinuteHound system stops buddy punching dead in its track.

MinuteHound vs. Badge Time Clock
128-Bit Data Encryption Keeps Information SafeThe MinuteHound system is a biometric time clock system that uses the employee’s fingerprint to track attendance. The system is very easy to use, and it takes virtually no time to set up. The MinuteHound system includes a small scanner that comes with software that organizes the data and sends it to a secure server. The administrator connects the scanner to a nearby computer with a USB cord. The scanner comes ready to track employees. When the manager is ready to register an employee in the database, he or she will have the employee place one finger on the scanner. Once the scanner reads the employee’s fingerprint, future scans are quick and easy.

The MinuteHound system will save a company money by preventing theft, loss and human error. It also gives administrative personnel a lighter workload. There is no need for the payroll department to spend hours making reports, because the MinuteHound system does it all by itself. Additionally, a manager can access the reports and the employee activity from a remote location. All the person needs to do is log in to the server, and he or she can view a wealth of activity. This person would then be able to change scheduling and hours online.

The MinuteHound system provides a multitude of benefits over the badge time clock system. Businesses have saved thousands of dollars just by converting to this new format. If your company is losing money on payroll errors, you might want to look to MinuteHound to help.

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