Time and Attendance Devices: Secure Payroll Reporting

Improve Company Efficiency with the Use of Time and Attendance Devices

Installing time and attendance devices at the work place will greatly increase the efficiency of your business by decreasing payroll costs, eliminating time theft, and allowing for time-clock monitoring anytime from anywhere.

Decrease payroll costs with time and attendance devices
Time and attendance devices such as MinuteHound allows employees to clock in and out with their finger. This eliminates time clock errors that occur because of typing the incorrect User Name and Password, or forgetting to sign-in on standard time sheets. MinuteHound also automatically calculates and provides detailed attendance reports. This will decrease costs and improve payroll efficiency. According to the American Payroll Association (APA), the MinuteHound reduces payroll costs, on average, between 2% – 8%.

Eliminate time theft with time and attendance devices
“John, this is the fourth time this month I’ve overslept! Could you clock me in so they don’t know I’m late?” This scenario happens every day around the world and is causing companies to lose money paying employees who are not at work and also decreases efficiency since they must run the business without the optimal number of employees. This is THEFT. With MinuteHound, employees can not be clocked in without being present. The biometric time and attendance devices are specific to each person’s finger and thus can not be falsified.

Using time and attendance devices to monitor worker attendance from anywhere in the world
Secure Biometric Cloud ComputingTrying to keep up with attendance records when you are travelling but can’t access current, up-to-date numbers? The MinuteHound time and attendance devices are perfect for your business because you can monitor worker attendance in real time from anywhere in the world 24/7. MinuteHound also can notify you when there are too many or not enough workers on the clock at any given time. Also, there is a setting that has the system send out a text or email when employees are late. This notification can be sent out to management or to the employee or both. This is a great management tool because it acts both as a notification and as a deterrent to the employee since the text reminding them of their tardiness is not something they wish to receive.

Maximize your payroll efficiency with MinuteHound time and attendance devices
Whether you need to monitor worker attendance, eliminate time theft, or just get a more detailed attendance report, MinuteHound time and attendance devices provides you and your business with the tools necessary to optimize your payroll department. Try it at no risk with a money back guarantee and if you are not satisfied, MinuteHound will pay for the return shipping.

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