Fingerprint Time Attendance- Biometic Time Clock For Employee Tracking

Fingerprint Time Attendance- Workplace Management Assistance

Managers have a laundry list of responsibilities, and most times keeping track and dealing with staff takes up most of the time. Now introducing the fingerprint time attendance from MinuteHound. This fingerprint time attendance system helps managers and business owners reduce costs, increase savings, and most of all provide the assistance managers need to focus on the business, not internal staffing issues. Once an account is created with MinuteHound, the biometric time clock (fingerprint scanner) is shipped out priority mail. Once received, it simply gets plugged in so all employees have to do is scan their finger or thumb upon arriving and leaving work. The fingerprint time attendance system is foolproof, eliminates cheating, and extremely effective.

By using the fingerprint time attendance system, more responsibility is shifted toward employees. They are responsible to show up on time and not leave early, otherwise they won’t get paid. The biometric time clock is 100% accurate, so employees have to work the full shift to be paid. Friends can no longer cover for one another, and all forms of buddy punching is over. The fingerprint time attendance system is the surefire way to hold employees accountable for their own actions. No more honor system by using pen and paper, as using biometrics in business guarantees accuracy.

Fingerprint Time Attendance- How The System Works

Once the biometric time clock is received, simply plug it in to any computer or POS system. The software is downloaded and installed in under 10 minutes. It is very simple and step-by-step instructions are provided. Once installed, employees get registered and from this point on, all employees simply scan their finger or thumb to verify their attendance and record their time. This is as simple as it gets, and this high-powered technology provides results from day one. This is just the first part of the fingerprint time attendance system. The second part is the actual reporting and mobile features.

Build Your Success With MinuteHound's Fingerprint Time AttendanceThe fingerprint time attendance system is live and always available. Once an employee scans their finger, this time is recorded live. Managers can log-in from anywhere at anytime to check on staff, edit reports, and run payroll. The fingerprint time attendance system provides reports in ASCII, PDF, and Excel formats for easy transition. Even employees have access to their personal digital time card, making an office paperless to save more money. MinuteHound has over 150,000 daily users for a reason, as it works and assists owners and managers with many daily tasks.

Safety And Convenience With MinuteHound’s Fingerprint Time Attendance System

MinuteHound does not sell multiple products, just one: the fingerprint time attendance system. It is a full solution geared to drive savings in small, medium, and large size organizations. Privacy is also a non-issue, as fingerprints are never recorded. All prints are broken down into numbers and transferred using 128-bit encryption. The fingerprint time attendance system by MinuteHound is the most safe and convenient time and attendance option on the market. Designed to fit every budget and spark positive change, the fingerprint time attendance system is the preferred choice among most business leaders!

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