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How Biometric Automated Attendance Systems are Superior to Magnetic Strip Cards

Some locations utilize a pass card in order to clock in an employee. Essentially, these act like credit cards as a person swipes it in order for the system to clock him or her in and out. Unfortunately, people can easily take advantage of this process. With a biometric automated attendance system, the process is much more precise. The technology itself overcomes many disadvantages of the card swipe device.

Lost Cards
Magnetic strip cards can be lost or stolen. This not only creates a security risk, but it costs the business money to replace the card. Time is then spent on re-calibrating the magnetic strip to that employee. A biometric automated attendance system doesn’t have this flaw. People are far less likely to lose a finger before losing a card. This doesn’t mean that it could never happen. However, losing the finger won’t pose a security risk to the business as easily as a magnetic card would.

The Hand Off
In some establishments, it’s not unheard of for one employee to swipe another person’s card in order to clock them in when he or she is not present. This is common especially if an individual is frequently late. Unless the employee was willing to remove his or her finger to be scanned by someone else, the automated attendance system prevents the hand off from happening. If a person is late or absent, then that is what payroll will see when the reports are examined from the automated attendance system.

Damaged Cards
Much like losing a card, damage to one can cost the business money over time. There is a variety of ways that a magnetic card can be ruined. The biometric automated attendance system prevents the need to budget those replacements. In fact, it takes a great deal of physical damage to render a fingerprint unreadable to the scanning technology. If a magnetic strip is gouged with a key or accidentally cut, it may be rendered useless. The same can’t be said for an automated attendance system that uses biometric scanning.

Security Threats
Stop Time Theft with Time And Attendance SoftwareWhile some organizations only print basic information and a picture on a card of this kind, it can still become a threat to the business as well as the individual. If a person drops the pass card in the grocery store, another person picking it up can see who works for what company. While we would like to view everyone as good samaritans, this isn’t always the case. Having the automated attendance system installed at your business prevents such situations from happening.

Magnetic strip pass cards had purpose in the late 1900s. The development of the biometric automated attendance system promotes a great deal more versatility and functionality for today’s world. Keep your business looking to the future and the possibilities of biometric scanning.

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