Why Use A Fingerprint Time Clock?

Use a Fingerprint Time Clock to Better Manage Your Business

A fingerprint time clock can help your business succeed by providing the necessary tools to reduce time theft and simplify the process of time and attendance. Other systems for tracking time and attendance doesn’t give the same level of security that a fingerprint time clock offers. Getting control of your time and attendance with a fingerprint time clock greatly increases the degree of control you have over your weekly payroll. Employees can only clock in or out if they are physically present, a fingerprint time clock uses simple plug and play support, and data gets stored safely online where you can access it from anywhere in the world.

Fingerprint Time Clock Systems Increase Control
A fingerprint time clock puts you in control of your business. If an employee doesn’t show up on time, you can receive a notification by text or email to let you know. This gives you time to call the employee and find out what’s going on. If the employee can’t be contacted, you can call in other employees to get a shift covered or come in and cover the shift yourself until the late employee arrives. This keeps your business moving and prevents other employees from having to work extra hard because of one late employee. It’s unfair to other employees and you need that extra control to keep your business running smoothly.

Preventing Time Theft
Cloud Computing For BusinessTime theft accounts for a large portion of an employers expenses. Even a few extra minutes each day can add up over the course of a month and year. Stop employee time theft by requiring employees to clock in using their thumb print. The USB fingerprint device plugs into any computer and uses an Internet connection to store information online. This allows you to get notified any time an employee clocks in late or early. With a large workforce, this helps you to address problems as they arise. No more pouring over extensive time and attendance logs to find out where your payroll expenses went wrong. Now you can immediately confront an employee and advise them of the importance of punctuality both at the beginning and end of a shift.

Easy and Safe Technology
A fingerprint time clock isn’t just easy to use with its plug and play hardware, it’s also safe. There is no extra software needed and if an issue comes up with an employees record, managers can still manually adjust time and attendance. The data gets sent securely using 128-bit encryption technology. Only people with authorized access can get on the server and view information. Unlike other systems that use cards that can get lost or stolen, a fingerprint time clock uses nothing more than the employees thumbprint and greatly increases security.

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