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Time theft is exceedingly common in many different companies. This results in the company losing a great deal of money. In order to stem that flow of money and minimize the damages that are often caused by time theft, it is important to install a system that will be able to ensure that only the person who is clocking in and out is the person that he or she claims to be.

What is a Fingerprint Time Clock?
A fingerprint time clock is a clock that requires an employee to scan his or her fingerprint in order to clock in or out for a shift. Once the fingerprint has been scanned, the time and employee will be recorded and sent to a cloud where the information will be stored. If an employee were to clock in late or come in when he or she is not scheduled, a notification will be sent to the employer or the manager who is in charge of scheduling. Then, appropriate action can be taken.

What are the Advantages of Using a Fingerprint Time Clock?
The main advantage that is associated with using a fingerprint time clock is that it essentially makes time theft impossible. Time theft occurs when one person clocks in or out for another person, allowing that person to be paid for time that he or she did not actually work and to not have a tardy or absence recorded. A punch card or an employee number are both easily used by people that they do not belong to. When a fingerprint time clock is used, fingerprints are required to clock in and out. Fingerprints cannot be shared, which as a result, will halt time theft.

Fingerprint Punch Clocks Vs. Badge CardsAnother advantage that is associated with using a fingerprint time clock is that it is extremely easy to set up. Once delivered, the fingerprint time clock only needs to be plugged in. All of the data that is gathered will be automatically loaded into the cloud, saving that extra setup step.

A third advantage that is associated with using a fingerprint time clock is that the clock is much more efficient than a regular time clock. This is because there is much less room for error when such a clock is used. It is also because all of the information is recorded automatically, rather then having to be entered into a system that calculates how much money that a person has earned manually. A final advantage is that the amount of money that is saved by stopping time theft will pay for the fingerprint time clock itself, which is a very cost-effective system that does not require a great deal of money to run.

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