Fingerprint Time Clock for 2017

Abe Knew What He Was Talking About

Abe Lincoln couldn’t have said it better than when he said, “Let the angels of our better nature prevail.” Even though most people are honest, specific situations may cause that certain someone’s honesty to go MIA and permit the angel of their better nature to falter. And although everyone is different, most sociologists agree that when people have the opportunity to cheat without getting caught, approximately 50 percent of people will do so. Throw a monetary incentive into the mix and that figure may go as high as 70 percent.

Interestingly, the number drops below 10 percent when people know they are under surveillance. A fingerprint time clock motivates people to be honest with the hours they work. A fingerprint time clock also gives business owners the piece of mind that employees can no longer leave work early and still get paid. Although slipping away early on a Friday is a lovely idea, a fingerprint time clock ensures this idea never becomes a reality.

Lunch is No Longer on You

Installation of a MinuteHound fingerprint time clock eliminates the risk of time theft. Since employees are only recognizable through their unique fingerprint, it’s impossible for co-workers to cover for one another. If you were completely honest, how often have you noticed employees taking longer than usual to return from lunch? Not only does this set a bad example for new recruits, but it’s like throwing your money in the trash. Traditional timekeeping methods make it easy for employees to steal a few extra minutes on their lunch hour.

Biometric Time RecordingThankfully, when you install a MinuteHound fingerprint time clock, employees are unable to sneak in late. Think of it as if your time clock is getting a makeover. Long gone are the stacks of paper timesheets, plastic ID badges and lost passwords. A fingerprint time clock is streamlined to take attendance with the touch of a finger. Employees are also able to punch in and out from anywhere in the office. The days of meandering to the stationary time clock are over! With a fingerprint time clock, your employees can even punch in and out from the comfort of their desks!

The Fingerprint Time Clock Is An Easy Install

Something so advanced is probably expensive, isn’t it? Nope! For pennies a day, you can own a MinuteHound fingerprint time clock and start saving money. Overpayment for services not rendered disappears! A fingerprint time clock makes your employees accountable for their actions. If John Smith is late, he is late. No longer will you pay for John’s best friend to cover for him. And with MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock’s easy functionality, you will wonder how you ever got along with one.

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