Fingerprint Time Clock for Tracking Staff Time and Attendance

How do You Currently Record Time and Attendance?

Every day businesses much like yours invest a lot of time and money on their payroll expenses. Most associates expect fair pay for an honest days work. Unfortunately, dishonest associates find ways around the payroll system. They find ways to abuse your time clock. You can eliminate the temptation of fraudulent behavior with biometric fingerprint technology. You can rely on MinuteHound.

Replace Your Time Clock with MinuteHound
MinuteHound eliminates your need for a time clock. MinuteHound uses a USB scanner that records employee activity with a swipe of their finger. There is no way to cheat the payroll system. There is no risk of associates clocking in or out for each other. There is no room for mathematical errors in your documentation process.

Setting up MinuteHound is easy. It’s a plug and play system that requires no additional training to use. With MinuteHound, your timekeeping information can be integrated with your current payroll system. Some additional benefits of the MinuteHound timekeeping system include:

  • Reduce the number of payroll hours spend calculating wages
  • You are alerted to uncovered shifts and late arrivals
  • Provides the information you need to adjust staffing to your business needs

Businesses Around the Globe Trust MinuteHound
Finger Punching Attendance MachineAround the globe, companies much like yours, rely on MinuteHound patented technology. They rely on MinuteHound to ensure the accuracy of their timekeeping. They rely on this system to eliminate the risk of errors. Plus, companies that depend on MinuteHound technology are slashing between 2 and 8 percent of their payroll expenses. There are many other advantages to trusting MinuteHound to replace your company time clock.

  • Detects fake or rubber fingerprints
  • Around the clock support at no additional fee
  • Attendance is viewable in real-time
  • Your employees can clock in and out at any branch of your business
  • Plug and play technology with no installation costs
  • Money back guarantee on hardware
  • The option to pay as you go
  • No hidden fees or obligations
  • Available to an unlimited number of users
  • All data is secured on a server

A Scanner-Free MinuteHound Time Clock Solution
MinuteHound fingerprint technology can effectively replace your current time clock. If you prefer a lower cost solution, or have associates working remotely, you may be best served with the scanner free timekeeping solution. The scanner free MinuteHound system allows associates to clock in and out from any PC, MAC, smartphone or device. In this format, associate timekeeping information is verified by the timestamp and IP address of every punch.

Every day, around the globe, businesses just like yours replace their current time clock and make the switch to MinuteHound, the future of time and attendance. MinuteHound technology saves time and saves money. MinuteHound eliminates the potential for payroll errors and time theft.

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock.

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