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Business owners have issues impacting their revenue that they have to tend to on a regular basis. In addition to having to put fires out, companies have to manage other issues like maintaining morale among employees. Companies that are able to manage morale must pay attention to time and attendance issues such as absenteeism. Absenteeism affects company morale.

What does low morale look like?
Employees that have low morale show different behavioral signs. Employees may contribute less to team projects and may appear less enthused about collaboration. They may have behaviors that warrant disciplinary actions. Problems such as insubordination may also become problematic. Poor time and attendance practices are common among employees with low employee morale.

How much does low employee morale cost a company?
Low morale affects turnover rates. According to the Gallup Organization, there are approximately 22 million disengaged employees in the workforce. These employees are estimated to cost the American economy as much as $350 billion, annually. Behaviors like time and attendance problems affect companies of all sizes. According to a report published by Circadian, unscheduled absenteeism costs a company $3,600 for each hourly employee. This figure is $2,650 for salaried employees.

Addressing time and attendance policies
Time and attendance can be addressed with an attendance policy. Time and attendance policies can be effective in tracking employee attendance trends. Stating expectations and assigning a point value for an infraction can give employers a means to hold employees accountable. Employees can see the extent of the issue with time and attendance reporting from software.

How can time and attendance tracking employee morale?

Internet Based Time TrackingAs a metric that is uniformly applied to all employees, employees feel a sense of fairness in knowing all employees are held to the same standard. Employees can feel confident that they aren’t being singled out for any reason. Additionally, employees can feel as though they are not being monitored sporadically. Time and attendance tracking software can show people exactly what their attendance trends look like and provide a baseline for comparison for others.

A company doesn’t have to sacrifice employee morale in avoiding time and attendance concerns among employees. As long as employees are being treated fairly, an attendance policy could be a good thing. Employee morale hinges on a solid attendance record. Research indicates the low morale results in attendance problems and costs companies billions, annually.

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