Fingerprint Time Clock- Scanner, Software, and Time Clock Included

Fingerprint Time Clock Stops Cheaters and Eliminates Errors

The fingerprint time clock delivers a knock-out punch to employees who clock in their absent friends. It also combats other time theft. It’s a fact that each person’s fingerprint is unique. The MinuteHound company offers employers a scanner to read employees’ fingerprints. The fingerprint time clock uses biometrics, the science of reading individual biological data such as fingerprints, DNA, voice patterns, and facial patterns for identification. MinuteHound’s time clock is cost effective, easy to use, and cuts costs for the employer.

MinuteHound’s patented product eliminates clerical errors, unauthorized overtime, and time alternation. Installation is a snap. The employer simply attaches a small scanner to the USB port of any computer at work. MinuteHound backs up its system with 24/7 technical support. The scanner software runs in the background. So while the fingerprint time clock works, employers and employees can use the computer and the monitor it’s attached to.

When an employee places a finger on the fingerprint time clock, it reads the fingerprint. This information is then sent wirelessly to a remote location where it’s stored. Based on this information, MinuteHound generates time and attendance reports for employers. At the employer’s fingertips is information about lateness, overtime, holiday, and sick time for each employee. If an employee is late or leaves early, MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock system sends the employer an E-mail or text.

MinuteHound’s Fingerprint Time Clock Uses State of the Art Tehcnology

The time clock poses no health risks. Since MinuteHound knows that fingerprints identify us, it takes privacy seriously. Rather than saving the scanned fingerprint image each time, the fingerprint time clock uses 128-bit encrpytion. Encryption scrambles the fingerprints into a set of numbers. Once encrypted, the fingerprints go across a number of off-site servers. This process maximizes fingerprint security. 

Fingerprint Time Clock Uses 128-Bit EncryptionThe fingerprint time clock saves employers money by eliminating the need to issue employee badges and ID numbers and the need for time cards and inventory. Employees can’t alter times because the fingerprint time clock gets its time from the Internet. Employees suing because they say they were cheated out of pay is a thing of the past because of the system’s accuracy. For most employers, this time clock costs just pennies a day.

With the fingerprint time clock, employers can access records remotely if they have an Internet connection. No matter where they are, employers can use an iPad or tablet to check on employees. Employers can concentrate of other aspects of their business rather than employee work hours.

The MinuteHound fingerprint time clock is risk free. The company requires no long-term commitment. There’s a money back guarantee. Return the scanner at any time for a full refund of the scanner price.

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