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Just a few years ago, a biometric time clock sounded like something that would only happen in the future. Today, due to modern technology, a biometric time clock is becoming more popular. Whether it’s to keep friends from clocking other friends into work, called buddy punching, or if it’s for security control purposes, businesses are seeing a nice return on investment when adding the biometric time clock in the workplace.

The biometric fingerprint is the most common type of technology found on door locks, laptops and time clocks. This fingerprint system measures the patterns on a person’s fingertips. You will never have two people who have the exact pattern on their fingers. Additionally, the finger patterns stay unchanged during a person’s lifetime. The fingerprint pattern is changed into a number so that no actual image of the person’s fingerprint is taken.

One of the major benefits of adding a biometric time clock into your business is that it pays for itself year after year. With this type of time clock, one employee cannot clock another employee in work after receiving a phone call from him saying he woke up late and to just “clock him in”. This saves you money. Most people like to think that buddy punching isn’t happening, but it’s something that happens a lot. Friends want to please friends and will do what they can to help. As the owner or business manager of your company, you are the one responsible for the bottom dollar, and knowing this happens in your workplace could hurt your company in many ways including work productivity.

Biometrics Stop Fraud and Time TheftKnowing that you can track the people in your building and know who is where and at what time is another benefit of the time clock. Having this type of time clock gives you peace of mind knowing that only authorized employees can get in and out of restricted areas in the building. If you need to be sure your goods, facilities and trade secrets are safe from intruders, you should give a lot of thought to adding this type of time clock system to your business.

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Years ago, only high level government operations used the biometric time clock to control and monitor people coming and going in and out of their buildings. Today, many businesses are benefiting from the use of this time clock, whether to complement their security procedures currently in place or to replace old time-keeping machines.

Because these time clocks only recognizes fingerprints that are impossible to copy and unique to none other, this system is the most efficient security device a business can have, and it can keep unwanted people and thieves from trying to enter your business doors. Only personnel who are in the time system will gain access to your building or office, and there is no chance of someone stealing their identity like they could with an access or identification card.

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