Fingerprint Time Clocks- Biometric Answer to Payroll Problems

Fingerprint Time Clocks Are Convenient For All

Fingerprint time clocks reduce the need for micro management. They are small, lightweight, and very easy to use. Fingerprint time clocks are simple devices. It is connected to a computer. Its small size allows for multiple locations. Fingerprint time clocks cost pennies per day. It reduces management details. The fingerprint time clocks is the best form of time and attendance on the market.

MinuteHound Is An Efficient System
MinuteHound reduces payroll costs by 3% – 8%. It can save management time to verify accuracy. Reports help administrators create accurate payroll reports and can download them at anytime, from any web browser. Managers can review attendance in real time. The patented system is exclusive to MinuteHound. It’s the only cloud-based biometric identification system that utilizes this type of cloud-based technology. Biometric identification reduces payroll theft. For example, a buddy can’t punch another employee in.

Staffing Information Can Be Pushed To Managers

The system can alert managers. These alerts help monitor hourly staffing levels. Tardiness or absentee issues can be promptly addressed. Managers can review full reports on-line. It helps managers focus on their duties.

Fingerprint Time Clocks Are Convenient
This small device needs less space. More devices can be used for convenience. Fingerprint time clocks connect to current computers. Any Internet connected computer can access MinuteHound. Authorization can be created for managers only.

Trying MinuteHound Is Risk Free

MinuteHound has a money back guarantee. Shipping charges are included. It is proven to reduce management pressure. It is received as company support. The advantages the system provides are limitless and begin from he first day of use. Acceptance of the system is very large, as a small business to a very large corporation can put this technology to work.

Biometrics Has Long Standing Public Acceptance
Companies have used biometrics for quite some time now. This has given fingerprint time clocks a positive spin. One company remarked about employee hesitancy. At first the issue seemed to be biometrics, but in reality the fingerprint time clock was not the issue. For the employees used to showing up and leaving work whenever they feel like it, will find biometrics to be impossible to cheat.

MinuteHound Biometric Fingerprint Attendance SystemThey realized they couldn’t get around fingerprint time clocks. Managers were alerted to unauthorized overtime. They were alerted when employees clocked in late. Employees couldn’t cover for their friends. Past practices were recognized as time theft. So, time theft was eliminated. The reason for resistance was uncovered. Ultimately, everyone felt better with higher integrity.

MinuteHound Is Around The World
The fingerprint time clocks are connected to existing computers. The American Payroll Association has validated the savings. Payroll savings include better controls on work hours. Total staffing management contributes to savings. Payroll administration time is reduced.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
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USB Fingerprint ReaderNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clocks.

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