Timekeeping and Attendance For Every Workforce

Timekeeping and Attendance: Biometrics Play a Huge Role

If you have employees, you need MinuteHound. MinuteHound is a smart timekeeping and attendance software program that will save you money and time. MinuteHound is highly advanced and easy to use. With a closer look at what MinuteHound offers to you, you will see why this is the right timekeeping and attendance solution. You can start benefiting from MinuteHound today by putting the solution to use right away.

The Technology
With MinuteHound, staff use their own fingerprint to clock in and out for each shift. Timekeeping and attendance are tracked instantaneously. The software program is cloud-based with live reporting features. Using an Internet connection, you can generate real-time timekeeping and attendance reports. The program is user-friendly with a plug-and-play application. It is so simple that no training is required.

Eliminate Time Theft
With MinuteHound, timekeeping and attendance are automated. There is no chance left for time theft to occur. Time theft may relate to employees fudging their numbers to their benefit. It may also relate to employees logging in for other employees. These timekeeping and attendance issues will cost you money. MinuteHound saves your company money by eliminating these issues. Companies often times reduce such expenses by eight percent.

Promote Promptness
MinuteHound encourages employee promptness. When staff arrive late or leave early, the system notifies the employee, and the employer. Notification may be sent through a text or email message. Staff are encouraged to work their full shift. This will improve customer service. It also ensures that all locations are fully staffed.

A Risk-Free Option
MinuteHound resolves timekeeping and attendance challenges. You can enjoy the benefits risk-free. MinuteHound does not lock you into a contract. You can stop using the program at any time. We want you to enjoy the benefits of MinuteHound without risk or heavy initial investment.

Suitable for Many Professional Environments

Fingerprint Time Attendance Software, time to move!Fingerprints are scanned to log in and out of the system. It is ideal in professional environments that have more than few employees on staff. This includes Doctors, Dentists, Attorneys, restaurants, retail stores, offices and other types of businesses. It can be used in schools to track staff attendance. MinuteHound is the perfect solution for extreme situations challenging employers with relation to hourly employees.

Challenges with timekeeping and attendance are common. When you are worried about issues like time theft or attendance of hourly employees, MinuteHound can help. Take time to explore the website today to learn about MinuteHound features. Then, try MinuteHound in your company. By trying the benefits first-hand, you will see why MinuteHound is the best solution available. Give the MinuteHound program a try today to see why this is the right option for your company.

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