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The Time Clock Fingerprint System

Ever wished that you could keep your employees honest in the workplace? If you are like most business owners, that has always been a long-term goal, but the problem with obsolete time cards is that you make it easy for buddy punching to happen. With the time clock fingerprint technology from MinuteHound, you eliminate buddy punching because no two coworkers will ever have the same fingerprint. Imagine the amount of money saved through the simple time clock fingerprint technology.

When you first look at MinuteHound’s technology, one of the first things that you might notice about this technology is how it seems highly advanced. However, don’t let that seeming complexity scare you out of checking out this wonderful technology. MinuteHound’s time clock fingerprint technology was designed so that all you have to do is plug in the technology and start using it. There are no complicated features or anything that will leave your head swimming in confusion.

The time clock fingerprint technology was originally used at military installations. Today, it has been integrated into the workplace where it contributes to a more honest work environment. If you are tired of worrying about employees stealing thousands of dollars in time theft, then it might be time to check out the time clock fingerprint technology from MinuteHound. Not only does this technology work exceptionally well, MinuteHound will also protect you from potential lawsuits. Because everything gets laid out in a concrete fashion, there is no room for dispute in court. With time cards, how much time a person spent working becomes disputable because you have less security around who can punch in an employee and start working.

As a hardworking business owner, you deserve a vacation, but many times, you don’t trust your employees. When the boss is away, everyone can play. The time clock fingerprint technology from MinuteHound sends you emails or text messages when employees clock in or out of work late, early, or never show up. If someone is late, you can be on the other side of the world and still know about it. The time clock fingerprint technology from MinuteHound does not cost a lot of money. In fact, most employers will pay just pennies per day, and if you have any questions, the company is lightning fast at responding.

What many business owners love about MinuteHound is the technology can be enjoyed risk free, and there are no obligations. The time clock fingerprint technology uses 128-bit encryption when transferring data so that you have optimal business security when using this technology. If you are tired of being ruled by time theft in the workplace, check out MinuteHound’s latest response to combating the problem.

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