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Why Fingerprint Time Clocks Are The Best Option For Any Business

Technology doesn’t always work right if not implemented correctly. That is why MinuteHound has made it very simple and easy to use. Fingerprint time clocks are highly advanced, but user friendly. Every business that uses fingerprint time clocks completely eliminate time theft, buddy punching, and payroll fraud. All fingerprint time clocks use biometric recognition, which means that employees scan their finger or thumb to record their time. No more paper products, pins, passwords, or swipe cards. Fingerprint time clocks are easily installed and setup, giving every business a true advantage.

By using fingerprint time clocks, all records become digital. Employees can log-in at anytime to view their time card. They can do so from home, work, or on the go with any smartphone. The process is simple: fingerprint time clocks are installed at locations where employees clock-in and out. They connect to any PC and are setup within 10 minutes. When staff arrive for work, take breaks, and leave for the day they simply swipe their finger. It’s that easy to rid reports of errors, both honest and intentional. Fingerprint time clocks are the surefire way to bring accuracy back into reporting.

Fingerprint Time Clocks for Larger Organizations

For companies with multiple locations, fingerprint time clocks are a dream come true. MinuteHound uses cloud computing, which means reports are accessible from anywhere. By using fingerprint time clocks, managers and administrators can log-in from anywhere and view/edit/modify reports and even export payroll. A web browser becomes the office, and since everything is virtual, managing employees at different locations becomes a breeze. From any mobile phone or tablet, manager can check the real time status of the entire operation within clicks! Fast, simple, and proven to work.

MinuteHound USB Scanner- Fingerprint Time ClocksFingerprint time clocks are the size of a computer mouse, which means that valuable office space remains clutter free! There is no mounting or connecting electrical wires involved. Instead, all fingerprint time clocks simply get plugged into a computer for easy installation. Every time an employee clocks in or out, that fingerprint is broken down into a set of numbers. Images and fingerprints are never stored or saved. Information is never at risk, making all fingerprint time clocks the most secure, convenient, and easy to use scanners available to business owners!

Fingerprint Time Clocks Are Affordable and Reliable

All of the fingerprint time clocks sell for $99.95. For under $100.00 per scanner, companies can use start using biometric technology for their time and attendance. Every and all the fingerprint time clocks sold include a lifetime money back guarantee. The scanners are highly reliable, and if anything goes wrong in 2 months or 20 years, simply return for the money back! Upgrade today risk free!

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