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Small Business Software- Universal and Works Everywhere

Large corporations and national chains enjoy the best technology and tools as they typically have deep pockets. Most small business owners have to watch numbers closely and constantly try and find ways to cut corners and remain competitive. Now, with small business software specially tailored to fit the needs of smaller companies, everyone wins. Small business software eliminates all forms of cheating, assists with payroll, and fits any budget. Now, small business software levels the playing field as technology usually available for only large organizations can be used by everyone.

The MinuteHound small business software package includes: the physical time clock for employees to clock-in and out of work, 24/7 access to employee reports, and the actual small business software that is downloaded to any computer. In addition, the small business software package is all inclusive, meaning there are no extra fees for the alert system, technical support, updates, etc. The package is a solution that works, and currently over 150,000 employees record their time and attendance everyday using MinuteHound, most of which are small businesses.

How The Small Business Software Works

Step 1 is to create an account with MinuteHound. Once created, the biometric time clock is mailed out. This time clock does not use paper, pins, or passwords. Employees simply arrive and leave work by scanning their finger or thumb. All attendance is verified, meaning no more buddy punching or time theft. Employees have to be physically present in order to record their time, so anyone that is late or leaves early is documented.

Small Business Software Equals SuccessOnce the time clock is received, it just gets plugged into any computer. The small business software is downloaded and employees get enrolled. It’s that easy, and in most cases takes under 10 minutes for the entire installation. From that moment on, the small business software runs in the background and employees can clock-in and out at anytime. Managers can also input an employee’s schedule. If an employee never shows up to their assigned shift, is tardy or tries to leave early, then a text message is sent out along with an email. Small business software is just like having an extra supervisor on standby!

Small Business Software Reporting Features

Once the small business software is in place, employees are registered, and staff are clocking-in and out daily, the next step is to manage the reports. From any internet browser, managers can log-in and view/edit/modify reports in order to conduct payroll. MinuteHound will provide crystal clear time and attendance reports. Managers can download them at anytime. Small business software works, and from day one provides results. Try it today risk free!

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