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Florida is well known for its beautiful beaches, affordable housing, great schools, and of course a living a good life under that famous Florida sunshine! However, it’s hard to be a business owner with so many new laws and a struggling economy. Business owners need to find ways to reduce expenses, while increasing savings and profit. MinuteHound is the answer, and is helping Florida business owners in every industry across the state.

Whether your business is 1 employee or 1,000 doesn’t matter. Same with locations, whether it’s only 1 location or dozens, MinuteHound works wonders. Florida is a large state with many large cities, tourist hot-spots, and local communities all with one common trait: employment. Employees arrive to work, take breaks, and leave for the day. That is true for any type of business, and MinuteHound has a foolproof, easy to use time and attendance system that reduces payroll expenses, eliminates buddy punching, and stops time theft. Florida business owners are making full use of MinuteHound from constriction, to retail and everything in between.

Why Florida Is A Perfect Place to do Business

MinuteHound has clients from Pensacola to Tallahassee to Jacksonville, down through Orlando to Miami and then back northwest to Tampa Bay, and everything in between! MinuteHound has clients all throughout the state of Florida for many reasons, but the most important is simplicity. It’s simple to use, requires no training, and in almost all cases pays for itself starting on day one. MinuteHound’s time and attendance uses biometric and cloud computing to provide the best technology at the best prices.

Florida Business Supported By MinuteHoundOnce an account is created, the biometric scanner is mailed out. It typically arrives to any Florida address within 3-5 business days. Once the scanner is received, simply plug it in. The entire installation process takes about 5 to 10 minutes. If assistance is needed at any time, a simple phone will solve the issue. MinuteHound supports its clients around the clock. Take the stress out of running a business by having MinuteHound take care of all the time and attendance needs.

Why Florida Needs MinuteHound

Just by switching to MinuteHound, payroll expenses go down by up to 8%. Cheating is over, and there is no more manual counting involved. MinuteHound provides crystal clear reports available in PDF, ASCII, or Excel. Florida business owners should compare different biometric options, and realize how well MinuteHound is priced to fit any budget. Over 150,000 daily users clock in and out everyday using MinuteHound. Join the list of growing clients today!

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Cloud Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Helps Florida Business Owners.

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