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It is an unfortunate fact that many, if not most employees are dishonest at one point or another when it comes to submitting time cards or using a punch clock calculator. Some of them will have friends clock in for them, while others will punch out after supposedly staying for overtime hours. Yet during those overtime hours, they may have read a magazine, texted with a love interest or watched a movie on their Smartphone.

In past years, this type of employee theft was almost impossible to catch. You could sometimes catch it by watching your security cameras, but this was too tedious to do every day. Because of that, it’s something that most employers only do after becoming suspicious. However, the solution to this problem is a biometric one. Just like a fingerprint cannot be faked, neither can a biometric punch clock calculator reading.

What’s So Unique About the MinuteHound Punch Clock Calculator System?
In order to clock in and out of work, your employees must place a finger on a small punch clock calculator. Because of this, it’s impossible for a friend to punch in or out for a coworker, because his finger will not have the same biometric reading as your other employee’s will. The punch clock calculator immediately takes the reading and clocks your employee’s time. It then takes the information it has gathered and stores it in the cloud, meaning no matter where you are (on the beach with your spouse, at a meeting clear across town, or at a conference in another state), you know who’s at work and who’s not. Liars and cheats will become clear within their first few days of engaging in this behavior.

The MinuteHound punch clock calculator completely eliminates:
Punch clock calculator clock manipulation
Punch clock calculator card errors
Buddy Punching
Unapproved overtime

The software also has many convenient features:
-128-bit encryption protects the data the device gathers during transfer to storage
-It will send you an email or text message when one of your employees is late, is absent or leaves early
-You will not have to keep track of time cards or notebooks
-It’s very cheap (you pay only pennies per day)
-You can call the support team anytime, day or night.

Employers love MinuteHound because it cuts payroll processing time significantly. You can download all the reports you need from the cloud and your staff does not have to gather or calculate anything. The system is easy to implement and install and there is no training necessary. You just plug a USB fingerprint scanner into your computer, install software drivers from the web and enter your staff members’ names and finger scans into the system. The system is so secure that it converts all of their fingerprints into binary strings of numbers, and no real prints are even stored.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
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MinuteHound Biometric Punch Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Punch Clock Calculator.

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