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MinuteHound Biometric Time Clocks Cut Costs, Boost Productivity

The MinuteHound hand punch biometric time clocks are an innovative way for employers to ensure workers are in attendance and on time while reducing the cost of doing business. Instead of using costly paper punch cards, identity badges or electronic swipe cards to record when workers come and go, hand punch systems simply scan the hand of the worker to ensure who it is and when he or she has arrived for work and comes and goes for lunch, scheduled breaks and when leaving for the day.

The MinuteHound hand punch uses biometric fingerprint technology to identify workers and can transmit the information in real time through the use of cloud-based technology. Instead of compiling time cards or checking time clock information several times each day, the information can be downloaded and checked regularly throughout the work day. The hand punch system makes it possible to get real-time information on workers and how much is being spent on labor versus worker productivity.

Biometric Hand Punch Vs. Traditional Time Clocks

Old fashioned time clocks required punch cards to tell when workers showed up and clocked in and out for work and various breaks. But those systems made it possible for workers to simply clock in for one another, whether or not the worker whose time card was punched actually was there to work. That enabled a great deal of time card fraud.

The MinuteHound eliminates time card fraud by making it impossible for one worker to clock in for another. If a worker shows up late, clocks out early or takes long breaks, the MinuteHound hand punch system notifies the employer, who then can check on why the worker has deviated from the accepted practices.

Biometric Hand PunchAnother disadvantage of time cards is the fact they have to be compiled each pay period, requiring yet more money spent to pay for the employees who compile the hours recorded on the time cards, and that could lead to employee error and more cost overruns. Even the cost of simply providing punch cards, badges and swipe cards can add up over time. But the MinuteHound hand punch system eliminates those costs by automatically tallying individual worker hours and providing information on one employee or several so job providers can better assess productivity and labor costs.

Security is Essential: Biometric Hand Punch

Information transmitted by the MinuteHound is encrypted, so it can’t be intercepted and keeps all information private. There is no special training required to use the hand punch system, which is based on “plug and play” technology to keep it simple and compatible with existing technology. The hand punch scanner uses existing personal computer systems and is ready to go at a cost of about $1 per worker while saving up to 8 percent on payroll costs.

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