How a MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock Benefits Your Business

A Fingerprint Time Clock System Will Keep You Informed

fingerprint time clock.

You need to know that your business could cut between two and eight percent by integrating a fingerprint time clock into your current mode of operation. MinuteHound fingerprint time clock technology helps you slash your payroll expenses in several ways.

How a Fingerprint Time Clock Reduces Costs:

    Helps you adapt staffing according to your business trends
    Allows for real-time attendance and payroll tracking
    Informs you of late or missed shift coverage
    Eliminates time theft and forged or misleading timekeeping records
    Eliminates the potential for buddy punching
    Allows employees who typically manage your payroll system time to complete other tasks

MinuteHound technology is easy to install and easy to use. Your associates clock in and out with the swipe of their finger. Their information is processed in less than two seconds, and they are on their way. All timekeeping information is stored on a dedicated server, and your payroll information easily incorporates into your current payroll system. Businesses around the globe rely on MinuteHound because the technology is safe and secure.

Features of MinuteHound’s Fingerprint Time Clock

    128- bit encrypted data transfer
    Fingerprints are not stored
    Information cannot be reverse engineered
    Detects counterfeit fingerprints (plastic or rubber replicas)
    Employers All Over the World Appreciate the MinuteHound Advantage

In our high-tech, fast-paced society, the fingerprint time clock is replacing old-fashioned time clocks and eliminate the need for paper records. With MinuteHound, your timekeeping records are always accurate because risk of human error is eliminated.

MinuteHound is one of the most exciting and reliable tools your business can use to increase productivity while reducing your payroll expenses.

    No complicated installation or employee training required
    No limitations on the number of employees using the system
    No risk or obligation
    Free system upgrades
    24-hour remote support
    Pay as you go option Unlimited hardware warr
    Unlimited hardware warranty
    No hidden costs or fees

MinuteHound is an affordable, accurate, innovative fingerprint time clock that easily integrates with your payroll system. Reports generate automatically and can help you stay on top of your business trends and keep your business staffed appropriately. You will know who is working and alerted if attendance problems threaten to interfere with the success of your business. Employers who choose to stay on top of business trends, choose MinuteHound.

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock.

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