How Do Employees Steal Time? Can It Be Stopped?

Can Employees Steal Time At Work?

Employees in every organization, large or small steal time. This is not a guessing game either, as the American Payroll Assocation estimates that a whopping 75% of companies lose money due to their employees buddy punching and stealing time. Think about how fast that adds up. To steal time is the same as stealing merchandise from the shelves. Theft should not be tolerated on any level.

Employers don’t want to create any type of hostile work environment by hovering over employees making sure they are on the clock performing their job. That is what MinuteHound is for! They cannot steal time when MinuteHound is the one tracking their every minute. MinuteHound has employees place their finger on a fingerprint scanner which first verifies they are where they are supposed to be, then records their time worked. This completely eliminates any possibility of friends covering for each other, fudging numbers, and all other forms of time theft. The honor system of hoping your employees are honest and hard working no longer matters. Technology is great, and MinuteHound makes it so easy for your business to use it.

Can Employees Steal Time With Biometrics?

The short and sweet answer to that is NO! Biometrics are even recommended by the American Payroll Association. Biometrics are pretty common these days. Phones and tablets unlock with face recognition. Samsung Pay and other applications are unlocked via fingerprint recognition. This ensures your device is safe and locked from those you don’t want unlocking it.

This is the same for MinuteHound. Employees simply press their finger to a scanner to identify themselves before starting or ending a shift. No one else can do it for them. So simple and easy to use. The process will save businesses money everyday this technology is in use. No one can steal time even if they really wanted too! The system is also 100% safe to use as no fingerprints are ever stored. It is actually quite amazing and everyone needs to be using this technology right away! Start saving both time and money today with MinuteHound!

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