Does A Fingerprint Scanner Work Well For A Dentist Office?

Use A Fingerprint Scanner To Clean Up a Dentist Office’s Payroll

A dentist’s office has a number of hourly employees. Each worker uses a method of timekeeping to ensure proper tracking of working hours. This can be a paper punch card or an online service with unique logins. Each employee must clock in and out at the start and end of each work day. Despite this simple process, it is easy for other employees to clock in for their coworkers. Anyone can share logins and passwords with their neighbors. It is not uncommon for the first person to arrive at work to clock in their friends who are running behind. Without a fingerprint scanner, there is no way to verify the identity of the time puncher.

This is where MinuteHound comes in to play. MinuteHound is a biometric time clock with cloud based attendance software. It uses a fingerprint scanner to verify the identity of the employee clocking in. This patented fingerprint scanner technology is very easy to use. Simply place your finger on the MinuteHound fingerprint scanner and the cloud-based server takes care of the rest. The MinuteHound Time Clock Software and fingerprint scanner can be installed on any computer. The program runs in the background and does not impact the computer in any way. There is no need for a dedicated computer to use for timekeeping. Run the MinuteHound Time Clock Software and connect the fingerprint scanner to any office computer without interruption.

Fingerprint Scanner Does The Work

The MinuteHound fingerprint scanner not only saves you money, it saves you time as well. There are no time cards to add or adjust. The MinuteHound Time Clock Software does not allow changing of any clock-in times. No more wasted time adding hours or adjusting lunch hours. More time is spent in the office on actual work than worrying about payroll. Additionally, the time clock data is all kept on an encrypted cloud based server. This means all data is protected against computer crashes, theft, and equipment malfunction. No more time and money spent on recovering lost data.

The MinuteHound Time Clock Software and fingerprint scanner is a perfect payroll solution for any business. MinuteHound eliminates fraud, reduces time spent on calculating payroll, and protects against data loss. From a dentist’s office to a retail store, this product is a great benefit for any company. Leave the punch cards in the past. The MinuteHound Time Clock Software and fingerprint scanner is the future of time and attendance.

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