How Does A Biometric Time Clock Stop Buddy Punching?

Biometric Time Clock Stops Time Fraud and Common Mistakes

Buddy punching is a prevalent and serious problem for most business owners. Many business owners looking to stop buddy punching are trying to find time and attendance systems that will help them combat buddy punching. After doing some research, it is common to learn that biometric time clocks are a great way to fight buddy punching, but why?

What is Buddy Punching?
Buddy punching is the most common form of time theft. Time theft is when an employee gets paid for when they’re not working. Buddy punching is when one employee clocks in for another that is not on the job to steal time.

Time theft accounts for 2-8% of a business’ payroll on average. That statistic motivates many business owners to take action against buddy punching. Biometric time clocks are touted as a silver bullet against buddy punching, but what are they?

What is a Biometric Time Clock?
A >biometric time clockWhy a Biometric Time Clock?
Biometric time clocks stop buddy punching. Since a biometric time clock uses unique biological data to clock employees in or out, it is impossible to clock in for a friend. To clock in, you must be on the job; it’s that simple!

Fingerprint AttendanceIf you’re looking to stop buddy punching, a biometric time clock is a excellent and foolproof solution. Selecting a biometric time clock can be daunting. Some time and attendance solutions that offer biometric solutions are overpriced or hard to use. MinuteHound is both low-priced and consumer friendly.

MinuteHound uses fingerprint scanners to stop buddy punching. Better yet, MinuteHound provides a host of easy to use features to keep you up to date minute to minute. With a biometric time clock designed to save you money, an easy to use user interface and a low price point MinuteHound is your best bet.

Time theft could be costing you thousands of dollars. If you’re looking to save time and money, get MinuteHound!

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