How To End Employee Time Theft at Work

Do you own or manage a business where you think employees are stealing time? Buddy punching? Covering for each other? Well you are not alone. Employees in every industry and background steal time. Time theft at the workplace is a major problem not just at a small business but large businesses as well. Employees take long lunch breaks. Employees are never in favor of a less than full amount on their paychecks. So if they are running late or have a need to go home, why not just have their friends clock them in/out? Why not just fudge numbers, it’s only 20 minutes right? This is time theft and the cost of time theft adds up quick!

Employers all around the globe struggle with it. Employees work hard and want to be paid, but why pay them for time they didn’t actually work? We all know the drill of showing up, punching in, and adding up the time. Time theft works like this as well. Say you had 3 employees steal 30 minutes a day on a regular 5 day workweek. That adds up so fast! You’re basically paying them to take the day off once a week! That is why time theft is a plague and a problem for every organization out there, large or small or in between. Solutions need to be present and MinuteHound has that solution!

The Rise of Labor Costs
Time theft only adds to the mounting costs of paying employees. You have to deal with local, state, and federal regulations with benefits, sick time, and so many other fees. MinuteHound has developed a tried and true system that literally eliminates any form of time theft and stops employees in their tracks with biometric technology. It is completely safe and transparent as well. All they have to do is show up to work, press their finger down, and get to work. Same as unlocking a phone or tablet. So easy and so effective. Friends can’t cover and all the reports are automated. Give MinuteHound a try now, for free, and start saving money while gaining more control of your company!

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