Time And Attendance That Stops Employee Theft

Wouldn’t it be nice to have employees that never steal? Not in the form of physical property, for let us hope that doesn’t happen, but in the form of time. Employees steal an average of 54 minutes of time every 8 hour shift. This adds up BIG time for organizations small and large. Even the most honest, dedicated, and hard-working employees will not cut short their own paychecks. What is an extra 10 minutes here or 15 minutes there? They work hard right, they deserve it! Time and attendance is crucial for every company. But a time and attendance system that can actually stop employee theft is a need, not a want. MinuteHound happens to offer the best time and attendance system on the market for the most affordable price.

Employees simply show up to work, place their finger down on the fingerprint device, and off to work they go. Sounds simple right? It is! This process takes out all the guesswork. It allows employees to be verified before being paid. This way friends and co-workers cannot buddy punch and cover for each other at the workplace. You don’t have to “hope” your employees won’t cheat as MinuteHound time and attendance doesn’t even give them the option! It is the most pure and trusted system you can utilize.

The Way Time and Attendance Should Be
Not only does it save you money by reducing payroll expenses and cutting out theft, but this time and attendance system only costs pennies per day. Forgot the old time sheets, UN/PW combos or the out of date punch card. They don’t compare to modern technology. MinuteHound offers around the clock support and can help your company cut out theft while saving money everyday! Try it out now, for free!

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No training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory. MinuteHound We are confident in our business. Be just as confident in yours. Call (800) 351-7237 MinuteHound today! TimeClock@MinuteHound.com

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