How To Stop Payroll Fraud and Reduce Payroll Expenses

Stop Payroll Fraud. Save Money.

Payroll fraud should not be an expense for you. Eliminate it with the MinuteHound Time and Attendance System. It saves you money. Your employees must be an asset. Remove payroll fraud as a liability on your books. Boost your company’s bottom line. Payroll fraud amounts to nearly $50 billion dollars in annual losses to U.S. businesses, per the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Keep your business from being a part of the statistics. Stop Payroll Fraud. Buy the most innovative Time and Attendance solution on the market today. Cash in on the MinuteHound Time and Attendance System.

Get an edge with the MinuteHound Time and Attendance System’s inexpensive cloud based solution. With around the clock customer support, capture and report accurate data of your employees’ attendance in a secure way. Go paperless. Get rid of the need for manual paper punch cards. Do away with the need for complex passwords or pin codes. Eliminate buddy punching. Deploy the unique, foolproof biometric fingerprint scanner. No fingerprint information is ever kept on file. Remove the risk for human error or cheating. Get quick and safe access to your reports from anywhere in the world through this cloud based system. Rely on proven 128-bit military type encryption for data security. Turn any computer terminal into a secure electronic time clock. Install the simple and easy to use cloud based plug and play software. Watch your bottom line grow.

Payroll Fraud Can Be Stopped in 10 Minutes or Less!

View your employees’ clock-in or clock-out activity in real time. Customize the application to set up instant alerts on any employee. Collect data of suspicious time clock activity. Make payroll fraud something of the past for your company. Make use of this exclusive MinuteHound Time and Attendance System to your advantage. Discard the inefficient and costly old way of processing time and attendance information. Shift to the new way of managing time and attendance data. Put the MinuteHound Time and Attendance System to work for you. Save money with the MinuteHound Time and Attendance System. Take control. Regulate and maintain your time and attendance information. Use the secure web portal at any time. Wipe out payroll fraud with the MinuteHound Time and Attendance System. Realize savings to your bottom line. Focus on growing your business. Get the MinuteHound Time and Attendance System now.

The best time to stop payroll fraud is before it happens. The MinuteHound Time and Attendance System makes it possible.

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Stops Payroll Fraud.

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