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Why MinuteHound is the Best HR Attendance Software

For starters, what is HR attendance software? Although every business is unique, employees are universal. Paying employees for their time worked is also universal. What is not so well known are the many options on how to accurately track and pay those employees. That is where HR attendance software comes in. MinuteHound offers a full solution that offers a physical device so employees can clock-in and out, the software to run the program, 24/7 access for managers to access reports, and an alert system that will cure human error. The HR attendance package from MinuteHound is affordable, has proven results, and very easy to use.

The HR attendance package starts with an advanced biometric time clock. This small device allows employees to record their time with a simple swipe of their finger or thumb. Prints are never recorded, but instead broken down into numbers so information is never at risk. By using biometrics, all forms of cheating are over. Employees are kept honest even if supervisors are not present. This way, all reports are accurate. HR attendance from MinuteHound means no more wasteful spending or overpaying. It is simple to use, and starts saving a company money from day one!

Does HR Attendance Cure the Forgetful Employee?

Yes it does! HR attendance software from MinuteHound is truly the full solution. Not only do biometrics stop fraud, but the alert system cures common mistakes. If an employee forgets to clock-in, doesn’t show up, arrives late or leaves early then MinuteHound will send an e-mail to managers letting them know. This way, in real time managers will always know the real time status of their staff. No guessing games and there is no way employees can pull a fast one. HR attendance brings honesty back into reporting so that employers save money.

Time to Start Saving! HR Attendance SoftwareAlso, in addition to alerts, MinuteHound offers 24/7 access to all members. Employees can log-in to view only, while managers can log-in to make changes. This way, there is no paper supplies needed. HR attendance software is green. Just another way for your company to save money. From any internet enabled device, managers can log-in to view/edit/modify and even export reports. Offices become virtual. HR attendance is the proven and surefire way for a business to be successful.

Is HR Attendance Software Expensive? What are the Costs?

HR attendance software fits any budget. The cost is $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location per month. Now even small businesses can enjoy the best tools large corporations enjoy. Included in this monthly fee is every feature and benefit MinuteHound has to offer. No hidden costs to worry about. There is no long term obligations, and a client can cancel at anytime. Also included with the HR attendance package is technical support. Based right here in the U.S.A., friendly technicians are always available to answer questions. Time is money, so don’t waste anymore by not using HR attendance software! Upgrade today risk free!

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