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HR Management Software for the Modern Business

For some of us, it’s difficult to imagine a time when company records were actually kept on paper, perhaps in large binders that took up space and could easily be misplaced. More recently, HR management software has stepped up and offered some innovative alternatives to the cumbersome record keeping practices of the past.

At MinuteHound, our mission is simple: to provide the modern workforce with the most innovative and simple-to-use HR management software suite currently available. Our mission is simple, and consists of two basic tenets:

(1) We want to save you money.
(2) We want to make your life easier.

Let’s take a look at how.

How will MinuteHound Save Your Company Money?
One of the most important elements in our HR management software system is actually the hardware. The MinuteHound biometric time clock can add up to significant savings for your company; in fact, a typical business can see up to a 2300% return on investment (ROI) after switching to MinuteHound HR management software. You might be asking yourself how.

Our biometric time clock saves your company money by eliminating common sources of error in timekeeping: time theft, buddy punching, and general record keeping mistakes. Quite simply, our biometric time clock reintroduces the idea of accountability to the workplace. Because each employee uses their fingerprint to operate the time clock, they can only clock in and out for themselves. As a result, you can be assured that your employees are being honest with their time and your company’s money.

How will MinuteHound Make Your Life Easier?
When it comes to HR management software, it’s not just about the bottom line: it’s also about making your day-to-day life and responsibilities easier to handle. With MinuteHound, we offer a host of productivity tools to make common tasks easier for your management team.

To begin with, our HR management software has some great automated tools to help you track shift deviations. If one of your employees clocks in late, you’ll know about it immediately with a simple email or text notification.

Work Tracking For All EmployeeIn addition, the MinuteHound HR management software allows for you to work remotely should the need arise. Thanks to our use of cloud technology, your company records will be kept safe and sound on a remote server, accessible from just about anywhere in the world. If you need to be offsite, for whatever reason, you’ll now have access to up-to-the-minute reports.

The Bottom Line
If you’ve been thinking about making the switch to a new HR management software system, it’s time you checked out MinuteHound. Visit our website today to check out our time clock calculator to see how much money you can save, and to find out how you can try our products risk-free.

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