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Is it time to toss the time card rack?

Fifty years ago, business owners counted on their trusty mechanical time clocks to keep labor costs down, ensure swift detection of tardiness among the employee pool, and even to keep track of costly overtime. As the decades flew by, smart entrepreneurs took advantage of developing technologies to cut costs and improve productivity. The typewriter was replaced by the modern computer. Processes that once required three full-time employees to efficiently complete were automated. Profit margins soared – and yet few tech-savvy entrepreneurs even looked twice at the clunky time clock and time card rack they were relying on to keep track of labor costs!

That old time card rack sitting in your business office next to your time clock may have served its purpose in previous decades but that doesn’t mean you should keep relying on outdated technology.

Take your business into the 21st century
Let’s face it: despite all of its nostalgic appeal, the time card rack in your office is costing your business time and money in the long run. If you want your business to operate at peak capacity, if you want to cut labor costs and make tedious administrative tasks a thing of the past, you might want to consider ditching the time card rack and going with a time clock solution from the digital age.

Here are a few ways a digital time clock solution can help your business:

– Eliminate “Time Theft”

Throughout the years, clever employees have found a number of ways to trick the time clock. Over the course of a year, stealing five minutes every day – by having a friend clock them in on time, for example, can add up to a whopping 20 hours. At $8 an hour, that’s $160 that you’re paying an employee every year that he or she didn’t earn. With a biometric time clock solution, co-workers can’t clock each other in or out and there’s absolutely no way to manipulate the time clock.

– Eliminate the hassle of reading and storing time cards

With biometric, digital time clock technology, there are no time cards to read or store. Plus, there’s no need for a bulky time card rack taking up valuable space in the office. Since everything is electronic, no one will have to waste valuable time reading time stamps and manually calculating wages earned.

– Real-time notification if an employee is late or leaves early

Go Green! Throw Away The Old Time Card RackIf you still rely on a manual time clock and time card rack, you could be left understaffed whenever an employee is late or leaves early. By going digital, you can receive email or text message notifications whenever an employee doesn’t clock in on time or clocks out early from a shift.

The time card rack was an invaluable piece of office furniture fifty years ago, along with the tube radio and the newfangled electric typewriter, but any savvy entrepreneur knows that relying on outdated technology is like trying to sail the Atlantic on a raft. It’s possible but unnecessary. Since you’re determined to make the trip, wouldn’t it be a lot more comfortable on a luxury liner? With state-of-the-art biometric time and attendance monitoring, you can say goodbye to the time card rack and hello to a better bottom line.

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