Improve the Efficiency of Small Business with an Internet Time Clock

Internet Time Clock For Small Business

For the small business, time efficiency can be felt financially more so than with a larger corporation. Every minute not spent on a particular task could be wasting money that could have been spent on various other improvements. Using an Internet time clock could help you reduce lost revenue while helping the facility remain efficient. In what ways can this device be beneficial to your business?

Exact Time Recording
Many systems of old allowed staff to round up the numbers recorded on a time sheet. While the honor system is a nice thought, it doesn’t take much before people are abusing this aspect of working. The Internet time clock puts an end to employees squeezing a few extra dollars every week out of the coffers. While it may not seem much to add a few minutes here or there on the time sheet, it can add up over the course of a month. The Internet time clock on the other hand provides an exact moment when someone clocks in and out.

Biometric Scanning
Instead of an employee remembering passwords or punching a form in a clock, biometric scanning can determine a person by simply scanning a finger. You could install the Internet time clock scanner next to the door when staff walk in, scan their thumb and head into the workplace. When it comes time to leave or go on breaks, staff can scan their thumb again and leave the building. It’s a quick and easy way to get a report of the exact moments your employees enter and leave as the Internet time clock will keep accurate records.

Offsite Tracking
As the Internet time clock is web-based, your administration panel can be accessed from virtually anywhere you have an Internet connection. This means you can be standing in line at the grocery store and check reports using your mobile device. At a glance, you can tell when someone is leaving the workplace early or staying too late in order to add unapproved overtime. The Internet time clock can take the guess work out of payroll when the productivity doesn’t seem to match.

Easy to Install
Let MinuteHound Guide You To Savings!Setting up an Internet time clock doesn’t require extensive computer knowledge. The biometric scanner can be installed up to 55 feet away from the monitoring computer system. This allows you to install the unit in a variety of locations without having to set up a completely separate computer. As it works with today’s technology, the unit can use any available USB port on a computer several offices away.

Keep better records of your staff and determine where your money is going each month. The Internet time clock can help improve the efficiency of your small business by making sure employees are staying honest with work schedules.

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