How Can Biometric Time Attendance Help Your Business? Find Out How

Make the Switch to Biometric Time Attendance

How is your company tracking employee attendance? If you are using anything other than a biometric time attendance system, then you may be robbing your company of tens of thousands of dollars. It has been proven many times that traditional timekeeping methods are no longer protecting businesses from losses in the payroll department. If your company is using paper time sheets, time cards and punch machines, or time clock badges, you might be surprised to find that they are causing a high percentage of your monetary losses. If you think the username and password system is safe, then you may be sadly mistaken.

What’s Wrong With Your Current Method?
The older methods of timekeeping are too vulnerable to human error and manipulation. Just think about it. How many of your employees report lost badges? How much do those lost badges cost your company to make? How easy is it for another person to use a badge that does not belong to him or her? What about the paper time sheets? Some people have wonderful handwriting, while other people do not. Transposed numbers, wet ink, and chicken scratch can cause your company to pay out more than it should. Are you thinking that the username and password method is safe? Buddy punching is a common problem within businesses. It occurs when one employee gives his or her login information to another employee, and that employee is paid for work that he or she never did. The biometric time attendance system can prevent all these problems.

What Is Biometric Time Attendance?
128-Bit Data EncryptionThe term biometric time attendance is a formal way of saying, “fingerprint scanning.” MinuteHound has developed a revolutionary biometric time attendance system that can save your company up to 8 percent on payroll. It does so by providing you with precise and accurate attendance information. The system comes with a small fingerprint scanner that connects to your company computer by USB cord. The system has no complicated instructions or parts. In fact, you could have it up and running within five minutes. All you need to do to enter an employee in the biometric time attendance system is have that person press a finger on the scanner. The scanner then remembers the person’s unique fingerprint and records the data onto a remove server. Your management staff will have access to each employee’s punch records with the biometric time attendance system.

The biometric time attendance system is virtually foolproof because no two fingerprints are alike. The system generates payroll reports, which will save you even more money on payroll expenses. You can try this amazing biometric time attendance system today and watch your payroll losses decrease. You can also listen while your payroll department thanks you.

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