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The Advanced Internet Time Clock System

Is your business currently using an outdated payroll system or time clock? You can answer this question by reviewing your finances. If you are losing money through payroll, then chances are high that you are using a vulnerable time keeping system. The Internet time clock system is a revolutionary system that is saving businesses thousands of dollars they were losing in payroll. You can take a huge step toward better profits and tighter operations if you implement this amazing system today. The funds that you can save are massive.

The Internet time clock system is different from any other time keeping program. The system is safer than the badge timekeeping system because it uses a fingerprint scanner. Employees lose and misplace badges frequently, but they do not frequently lose their fingers. You can save thousands of dollars per year just by switching to a reliable system.

The Internet time clock system beats the username and password system on security. Employees can clock in and out for each other just by trading credentials. Your business might be currently paying employees for shifts that they never completed. You will not have that problem with the fingerprint system. Fingerprints are unique, and your employees cannot trade them or borrow them! Time theft and buddy punching are officially over.

The old punch card systems are some of the worst systems in the world because of permeable paper, fading ink, and faulty machines. How many times has your payroll department misread a time card because of such issues? One time can cost you hundreds of dollars. Can you imagine if they were making these mistakes every pay period? Chances are high that they are. You can trust in the Internet time clock system to get it right every time.

Internet Time Clock – 24/7 Access to Key Information

Security is not the only reason you should switch to the Internet time clock system. The system allows your management staff to access Internet time clock records for all your employees. Your managers can literally go on vacation and monitor the employee activity while they are away. They can make schedule changes based on the store’s activity, and they can catch employees who are abusing the system.

128-Bit Encrypted Cloud Based SoftwareThat is not all that this amazing Internet time clock system can do. This advanced system can generate payroll reports for you every pay period. You never again have to pay your payroll team for creating reports. That alone will save you thousands more dollars per year.

If you are ready to use an Internet time clock system that works for you, sign up for the MinuteHound system today. You might be surprised about the amount of money you can save on payroll. Businesses that are currently using the system are reporting savings of 2 to 8 percent.

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