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You can greatly improve business operations by implementing employee time tracking software. Many business owners are unaware of the losses they suffer in the payroll department. The average business loses thousands of dollars on unnecessary payroll expenses. Implementing effective employee time tracking software can help recover the lost funds and increase profits for any organization. You can make your businesses perform at a superior level if you consider using the MinuteHound employee time tracking software program. The employee time tracking software program is virtually error-free, and it provides a wealth of additional benefits that will save your company time and money.

What is MinuteHound Employee Time Tracking Software?
The special software that MinuteHound offers is based on a fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner uses each employee’s unique fingerprints to log that person in and out the system. Your company can save at least 5 percent on payroll just by using this advanced system. Other forms of employee tracking lack the security that you can find in fingerprint scanning. Badges, time cards, and passwords may be popular, but they do not measure up in preventing payroll discrepancies.

Your payroll department consists of several human beings, and human beings make errors. Written time cards and time punches are becoming obsolete for that reason. Employees sometimes manipulate the time clock system for their own personal gain. Many employees loan their badges and passwords to other employees so they can receive payment for work they did not perform. These small crimes add up to thousands of dollars leaking from your company. The new employee time tracking software keeps your money in your hands. You will see massive improvements in payroll if you try the system today.

No Complicated Instructions
New and Improved Time Stamp MachineThe best part about the new employee time tracking software is that you do not have to take a course or read a manual to learn it. The scanner is a simple device that you can connect to your company computer with one cable. You can then have each employee scan his or her finger to register in the system. The system will record the unique prints and keep them in its memory for future time punches. The system keeps all the information on a remote server so that your management staff can access it later.

Additional Benefits
The employee time tracking software generates payroll reports for you. You will no longer have to rely on the payroll department for such reports. You do not have to do anything special to make the employee time tacking software work. All you have to do is purchase the system and start using it right away. You can buy the system for less than $100. Try it risk free today!

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