Internet Time Clock- Record Time Securely From Anywhere

How Do Employees Use an Internet Time Clock?

MinuteHound’s internet time clock requires no equipment nor any special skill set. Business owners from any background, in any field, will have no problems using the internet time clock. It is as simple as assigning an email to staff members. Employees are entered into MinuteHound from any web browser. It takes seconds to add in the name and email of an employee to get them up and going with the system. Once entered, MinuteHound will send that employee an email with instructions on how to login and start recording their time. The internet time clock is web based, so any device works. Whether its a PC at work or their personal smart phone, the internet time clock allows them to record time from anywhere. As a manager, you can also check to see where they are clocking in from, which department, and what time they left.

Are Reports Accurate?

Using an internet time clock is not only convenient but very accurate. Can friends clock in and out for each other if they share UN/PW? Of course they can, however, MinuteHound tracks their IP address! So you will know where they were and if they used a PC at work or cell phone. MinuteHound also offers biometrics which uses fingerprint identification to track time, but a fingerprint time clock is needed for that. The internet time clock is ready to go from day 1. As soon as you signup, you can start using. When employees begin to use the internet time clock, reports are automatically calculated and generated. All a manager needs to do is input the dates for payroll and generate. MinuteHound also allows for custom reporting. Select which criteria you need, and which you do not for reports tailored to your needs.

Is the Internet Time Clock Worth the Money?

Well if $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location sound good, then yes, it is totally worth it! MinuteHound is very affordable and works in any environment. Small business owners especially love the price and how they are not locked into obligations. MinuteHound charges month-to-month and clients can cancel at anytime. No fees or charges for cancelling. The internet time clock is designed to meet all demands of a modern business. Try it today and see for yourself how well this technology works and the reports it provides to you.

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