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Not so long ago, companies were using the same analog time clocks that have been in use for over 100 years. Analog time clocks were highly prone to failure and constantly needed replacement parts. Payroll was a nightmare because time cards would constantly become lost or illegible. However, the biggest issues that drove the modernization of the time clock were problems that quickly became rampant across most businesses: Time theft and Buddy punching.

What are Time Theft and Buddy Punching?

Time theft occurs when an employee spends part of the day performing activities that are not considered part of their job requirement. Buddy punching, usually done when an employee is late, is when an employee gives their time card to another employee, usually a friend, for the sole purpose of having them punch in on their behalf. To payroll, it looks as though the employee had punched in on time when in actuality, they did not.

Why Use the MinuteHound Internet Time Clock?

Since the MinuteHound Internet time clock uses biometric scanning technology, buddy punching becomes a thing of the past. The system uses a unique red flagging process that reports any suspicious data. If anything is amiss and the employees don’t adhere to the schedule you input, then the MinuteHound Internet time clock will send you an e-mail letting you know. This allows you to deal with the problem before it can affect your bottom line.

Furthermore, the system is easy to install. The included scanner, USB cable and software can easily be installed on any machine, which means there’s no need for a dedicated computer. Lastly, the monthly costs for the MinuteHound Internet time clock are quite small, allowing even small businesses to easily absorb the costs and still maintain a healthy profit margin. This makes Minutehound’s Internet time clock one of the most accessible internet time clocks in existence today.

How Does MinuteHound’s Internet Time Clock Work?

The MinuteHound Internet time clock begins working its magic when your employees punch in. A small USB device scans their fingerprints, converts the image into binary data and sends the converted data to a secured cloud server, which logs the date and time an employee has punched into the system. Access to the data can be controlled using a username and password, with different accounts having different levels of access. Companies that have used the MinuteHound Internet time clock have reported an average payroll cost savings of 5%.

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