The Days Of Punching A Time Clock Are Over! Biometric Attendance

MinuteHound Technology: Saves Your Company Money

The need for punching a time clock is gone! New biometric software enables MinuteHound to stay ahead of the time clock industry. No longer are employees required to punch a card, enter a pin, or scan a badge. All that is needed is an employee’s finger. A simple swipe at the beginning and end of each shift is all it takes. Any finger can be used, and each finger is a unique identifier that cannot ever be shared or lost!

In years past, punching a time clock meant keeping a card on-hand to “punch in” or insert, which is why the phrase “punching a time clock” has been used. However, with MinuteHound, punching a time clock is no longer needed. In fact, all paperwork has been obliterated with MinuteHound’s revolutionary approach to handling employee’s time. By elimnating the need of punching a time clock, things like “buddy punching” where employees can register their coworkers on the clock are a thing of the past.

Stop Punching A Time Clock: Start Scanning!

Punching a time clock means using paper time sheets or cards. No longer is this the case! MinuteHound’s biometric system is 100% paperless and green. Not only does this mean more money saved, but it also means you’re helping out mother earth! It also means the payroll clerk who typically goes over the paperwork line by line is no longer needed, as MinuteHound provides detailed and crystal clear reports. All the numbers are there for you to run payroll within minutes!

In addition, by getting rid of the need of “punching a time clock,” MinuteHound can record an employees work hours in real time. As soon as the staff member clocks in or out, that time is available for viewing from any location on earth! Even from mobile devices, as long as you can connect to the internet managers can check on staff activity from anywhere. Punching a time clock in the old days meant stamping a card. Now, with biometrics, punching a time clock means knowing where employees are at all hours a day, from anywhere!

No More Punching A Time Clock, Time Card, or Remembering a Pin or Password

Biometrics Are Easy, Accurate and Safe!Since MinuteHound’s time clocks utilize software, MinuteHound can be installed on any PC. There is no dedicated machine or computer needed. The software runs in the background and allows workers to use the computer for everyday use. All employees do is walk up, scan, and walk away. The scanner has a 6 foot extension cord so it can be placed away from the physical computer. With extension cords, it can be placed up to 54 feet away.

MinuteHound’s time clocks save money for companies in various ways. Through hiring less staff, eliminating time theft and payroll fraud, as well as reducing payroll expenses, MinuteHound is the clear choice for time and attendance. Detailed time reports keep an accurate record of the precise time periods that employees worked. Make the smart decision and use a system that is easy to use, cutting edge, and proven to work.

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MinuteHound Ends the Days of Punching a Time Clock.

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