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Running a business is hard work. MinuteHound makes it easier with their business time clock. Their goal is to help simplify clocking in procedures. This system saves companies time and money.

Biometric Fingerprint Technology
Biometrics is based on an automated technology program that recognizes a person through their fingerprint. This data is distinct and personal. MinuteHound has developed a scanner that is their flagship business time clock. It is made to identify a specific person when clocking in and out. The time and attendance system makes it easy for employees. All they have to do is scan their fingerprint and move on with their day. It really is that simple. They can feel secure in the knowledge that their personal information cannot be used.

Employee Privacy
All the fingerprints are converted into binary numbers. They are safely stored in a MinuteHound secure location. All the data is sent using a 128bit encryption and cannot be reversed engineered. Employees can feel confident when using the business time clock that their privacy is intact.

Time and attendance is one of the biggest financial loses in most businesses. The MinuteHound business time clock prevents buddy punching. This ensures accurate attendance information. Payroll fraud is a thing of the past after MinuteHound is installed. The elimination of time cards saves paper and is a time saver. All of the information is ready in real time.

Three Step Setup
Setup time for the MinuteHound business time clock is minimal. Just plug in the USB scanner, download the software, and enroll each employee by scanning their fingerprint. It is seconds from start to finish. Each scanner meets or exceeds strict standards to ensure continued use.

Fingerprint AttendanceThe MinuteHound business time clock is an affordable investment. The initial cost is much less than the traditional clocks of the past. The financial savings are apparent from day one. The scanners are shipped out immediately and delivered right to the door. There is no special training required for use.

Business Management
Companies can manage their schedules in real time using the MinuteHound business time clock. The data can be accessed anywhere using a web based interface and the internet. Setting up email alerts using specific parameters helps managers stay informed. Payroll just got easier with the MinuteHound. It is easy to use and saves money. Managing a business gets better every day with MinuteHound.

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Business Time Clock.

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