How LAN Monitoring Software Works: Employee Time and Attendance

How LAN Monitoring Software Boosts Efficiency

MinuteHound is a type of LAN monitoring software that provides employers with a more efficient method for keeping track of employee hours. The advanced time clock technology uses a small device to scan the employee’s fingerprint and record attendance. This eliminates the risk of losing money to dishonest workers who participate in deceptions like buddy punching and time theft. The LAN monitoring software also simplifies time punching by removing the need for employees to memorize a personal code or keep up with a time punch card.

Fingerprint scanning is no longer a thing of science fiction. This modern technology can be integrated into the workplace. With a fingerprint scanner, employers will enjoy a more honest workforce. They will also be able to experience the benefits of monitoring their staff from a distance. The LAN monitoring software can be accessed through mobile devices. Employers may log in from anywhere to observe employee attendance and monitor payroll. The process for enrolling workers into the LAN monitoring software is fast and easy. There are no learning curves to slow down labor. The system is suitable for all industries requiring a simple attendance method that can be imported into various accounting systems.

The LAN monitoring software can be installed on any computer. It may also be retrieved from a distance through devices with an internet connection. The system runs smoothly in the background, allowing uninterrupted use of the PC. Through any web browser on any mobile device, employers will no longer have to wait for a chance to return to the workplace to monitor the attendance of their employees.

LAN Monitoring Software Tracks Employee Time From Anywhere

Web Based Punch Clock SoftwareCustomers will receive a scanner through the mail after purchasing the software. The device will install the LAN monitoring software onto the computer. This state-of-the-art scanner is the sole tool required to use the system. It delivers trouble-free, modern technology to any PC. Employees must place their finger on the scanner to punch in and out of work. This procedure eliminates almost any risk associated with other methods for time punching. Since each fingerprint is unique to the individual, workers will no longer be able to cover for their buddy’s tardiness or absence.

Upon purchasing the LAN monitoring software and scanner, customers receive more than just state-of-the-art technology. Employers are given peace of mind which many store-bought monitoring systems fail to provide. They will be granted access to in-depth customer support from a team that works around the clock. Support can be reached through e-mail or by telephone. Purchasing the software is free of risk. There is no obligation to stick with the system. If customers are unhappy with the LAN monitoring software, they can return the scanner at any time for a refund.

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