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Every business needs a time clock and/or some type of attendance solution. Employees need a way to record their time, and employers need a way to accurately pay employees and keep records for accounting and tax purposes. That is why management software was created: to help all organizations, regardless of size or industry, have a verifiable and foolproof way to verify attendance and record time. Management software from MinuteHound easily installs on any computer and from day one provides results.

MinuteHound’s management software is universal, in the sense that it works for everyone. Not to say each client is not unique, but regardless of operations, time and attendance applies to all. Upon creating an account with MinuteHound, a biometric fingerprint scanner is shipped out. This is the device which employees will use to physically clock-in and out. It’s the size of a computer mouse, and simply gets plugged in. No IT skills are required. MinuteHound’s exclusive management software does the rest.

How Management Software Works

Once the fingerprint scanner is plugged in, the management software is downloaded. It takes less than 10 minutes for the entire process. After the management software is downloaded, employees are registered. Their fingerprints are enrolled which takes less than a minute per employee. Technical support is always available to help with any part of the process. Once the management software is in place, employees simply scan their finger upon arrival, breaks, and exits. Each time is recorded with precision. All forms of cheating are over, saving employers countless dollars by eliminating all forms of buddy punching, time theft, and payroll fraud.

Management Software Is An Easy Decision!Not only does management software eliminate cheating, but it also prevents errors. If employees “forget” to clock-in or out, a text message and/or email can be sent. Management software will generate the notification in real time to alert the proper personnel of the absence or tardiness. All time is recorded live, meaning even if managers are roaming or not at the same location as staff, just log-into MinuteHound’s portal in order to check and verify attendance of any employee. Management software is easy to use, quick to understand, and requires no training.

Management Software Features

Not only does management software feature alerts, but also 24/7 access in order to conduct reports. MinuteHound management software is cloud based, meaning reports are virtual. From anywhere at anytime, administrators can log-in to view and edit information in order to conduct payroll. MinuteHound will produce crystal clear time and attendance reports, available for downloading at any time. Regular employees can even log-in to view their personal time card. Management software is the most effective, cost affordable, reliable time and attendance option on the market. Try it out today risk free!

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